2 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2020

2020 has been a year no one expected. It’s forced people to stay home more, brought an increased appreciation for healthcare professionals and helped people value life and what matters most because each day is truly a gift. With everyone adapting a new normal, marketing leaders such as Eyal Gutentag have had to figure out and find ways to reach people where they are – at home more than ever before. If you own a business and are trying to maneuver this new reality and how you can stay relevant and reach consumers as a performance marketing leader in your field, here are two social media marketing tips you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Facebook isn’t everything.

If you’re on Facebook and use the platform to advertise products and stay in contact with customers, that’s good, but you need to be active on other social platforms, as well. Facebook may have reached its high point and is slowly declining. Young people opt for more flashy forms of social media, and people struggle trusting Facebook because of hacking scandals and dissemination of unverified information. You should still continue to use Facebook in 2020, but don’t make it your be all end all in terms of online marketing.

2. Instagram

If your company reaches youth to young adults, you need a strong presence on Instagram. Young people love the focus on photos and ease-of-access when scrolling through where they don’t have to read a lot and can just double-tap to like something. Being active on this platform takes a different approach to Facebook and is more light, photo-focused and emoji heavy. You can post business updates, reach out for customer engagement and even sell products from the platform. Here are some tips to use Instagram to the fullest for marketing.

Social media has grown exponentially, especially with people forced to stay away from friends and family. As a business owner, you can use these social media marketing trends to stay relevant and connected from afar.

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