26 May, 2020

5 Insane Game Modifications That Are Still Playable

Many mods out there are ordinary or even great. But what if you are looking for something insane? Then you will need mods that are completely insane and strange. You have come to the right place. Thanks to Zettamods we are able to provide a list of top 5 insane mods you can play in 2020 and in the future. Without further ado, let’s begin.


1. Garry’s Mod


Garry’s Mod is the most complicated and most advanced mod on our list. Some will say it is the best mod of all times. It is focused on elements from Valve games and it gives you total control. As a player, you can create new levels, scenarios, worlds and also new characters. All of this means that there are no limits whatsoever and each player can play a game precisely as he likes. Destruction, creativity and possibilities are all at the highest level possible thanks to this very mod.


2. Dark Mod


Dark Mod is developed for Doom 3 and it makes the game completely different. But, the mod transforms you into the Garrett, a thief who must wander the game and steal as many things as possible. This also means that the game will be transformed from a standard horror game to something more advanced and something more appealing to play. It is an insane mod suitable for all gamers from all parts of the globe who want to play stealing-based games and to make sure the game stays extremely advanced as long as possible.


3. Sith Lords Content Mod


The mod in question is made for the Knight of the Old Republic game and it has a simple, yet important role. The mod will add all the scenes, content and so much more than originally was removed from the official game. This doesn’t change the game completely but makes it stand out and makes it better than it is originally. Another, important thing we must reveal is the fact the Knight of the Old Republic game is easy to find these days and you can import all the content that was removed within minutes. 


4. Team Fortress


Team Fortress is made for Quake game and it adds new maps, new classes, and also bases the matches differently than the official game. It is an old mod, keep that in mind. On the other hand, it is an impressive development that can make any gamer even happier than when playing an official game. The mod isn’t as common as it was, but still deserves your full attention and should be on your list alongside other mods we have listed here.


5. Grand Theft Auto III: Alternative Multiplayer


Grand Theft Auto III: Alternative Multiplayer is a rare mod that was extremely popular in 2003. The goal here is to finally play GTA multiplayer mode. And yes, the mod actually allows this to all the gamers within seconds. You were able to play Vice City alongside your friends from any part of the world and you can play as long as needed. Last but not least important is the fact this mod may be known as Multi Theft Auto. 

The final word

In the lack of a better word, these mods are insane and they are considered as masterpieces rather than anything else. There are a lot of possibilities each mod offers and each one of them is stable, meaning it won’t corrupt the game in any way. Install all of them if you like and try playing the games in a different light. It is so much better. 

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