9xmovies Proxy 2021 – Unblock 9xmovies with Working Mirror Sites

9xmovies is the best website available out there to download movies. Using the 9xmovies Proxy website, you can download movies in Telegu, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Pakistani and other types of movies. The website also keeps itself updated with the latest releases. As a result, you can find all the latest movies on this website and can download them free of cost.


9xmovies Proxy & Unblocked Mirror 2021

However, if you have been trying to visit the website recently, you may not be able to access it. Because the website was shut down. However, you can use 9xmovies Proxy to access the website and download movies. 

What is 9xmovies Proxy?

The 9xmovies website might be offline, and you cannot access it any longer. As the website used to offer movies and other contents without holding any license. And it is an illegal thing to do, and the site was violating copyright laws. As a result, the website is no longer accessible and it was blocked by your ISP or Internet Service Provider.

But here is the catch, the website is still active and accessible through the 9xmovies proxy. The proxy sites are the alternative version of the main 9xmovies website. Usually, when a site gets blocked, it does not go offline completely.

Instead, there are still quite a lot of other domains that are connected to the same database. Hence, when one domain gets blocked, there are other ways to access the website. And these domains are what known as the 9xmovies proxy sites.

How to access 9xmovies Proxy sites?

Even if you use the 9xmovies Proxy sites, you may not be able to access the website. In this case, you can use three ways to access the 9xmovies website. These ways are the Web Proxy, Tor Browser, and VPN.

However, let me just mention all the ways to you one by one:

Web Proxy

Web Proxy is a free method that you can use to bypass country restrictions easily. If the website is blocked in your country, you can change your IP address using a Web Proxy, and you will access the website. There are quite a lot of web proxy websites available out there. However, here are some of the best ones that you can check out:

  • HideMyAss
  • 4everproxy
  • ProxySite
  • Me
  • Whoer

Tor Browser

The next thing that you can use is the Tor Browser. Tor Browser is also one of the best solutions for browsing the internet. It will help you to connect to the internet in an anonymous way. As well as you can easily bypass country restrictions.

Tor stands for The Onion Router, and it will help you to anonymize your web traffic using a Tor network. Hence, your ISP will not know what websites you are visiting.

How to Unblock 9xmovies using a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. And it is a paid solution that you can use for all your illegal downloads. By using a VPN, you will be able to anonymize your web traffic. As well as you can bypass geo-restrictions pretty easily.

When you use a VPN solution, your ISP will know that you are connecting to a VPN network. But not what you do after that.

However, VPN is not a free solution, and you will need to purchase a VPN subscription before you start using it. However, if you want to start for free, Windscribe VPN is a great option.

9xmovies Proxy 2021

To get started with 9xmovies Proxy, you can check out these below links and see which one of these sites are working for you:

9xmovies.gen.in 9xmovies.in
9xmovies.one 9xmovies.asia
9xmovies.today 9xmovies.new.hd
9xmovies.press 9xmovies.movie
9xmovies.in.net 9xmovies.ind.in
9xmovies.live 9xmovies.info
9xmovies.cc 9xmovies.proxy
9xmovies.biz 9xmovies.vin
9xmovies.vip 9xmovies.lol
9xmovies.run 9xmovies.com
9xmovies.vet 9xmovies.pw
9xmovies.men 9xmovies.me
9xmovies.com.in 9xmovies.online
9xmovies.co 9xmovies.co.in
9xmovies.ink 9xmovies.net
9xmovies.fun 9xmovies.org.in

Also Check:

9xmovies: A Unique Online Pirated Movie Website

Thousands of pirated movies websites are available on the Internet and 9xMovies is also among them. While Tamilrockers, Movierulz, and Filmywap have already been known to everybody, this site is also making its own mark in the movie piracy industry. In fact, it has been producing and releasing movies since 2021. This is a company of New Line Cinema. It is one of the main distributors of videos from all the famous movies of Hollywood.

The company has a wide range of videos from Tamil cinema, Telugu cinema, Goa’s best movies and even Hollywood blockbusters. There is something for every fan of movies whether he prefers action, comedy, horror, romance, science fiction or horror movies. You will find all the options in this website. And if you want to know what’s new on the market, you can also see the movies that have already been released in Tamil and Telugu form 9xMovies.

Another great thing with this website that has emerged as a prominent player in the world of movies and piracy is that you do not need any kind of membership. All you need to do is to download movies from this website. You will enjoy the same experience as you would if you were watching it on screen. You can also download the trailers of these movies and watch them again. Unlike other websites, which ask you to sign up for membership, or pay money to download movies, you do not have to do anything with 9x Movies other than just downloading them and watching them.

The other reason why 9xmovies surpasses other websites is that its user interface is simple and user-friendly. Although it is an online service and hence lacks some of the great features of its competitors, it has its own upsides. For example, aside from its great user interface, it offers several options for its movie downloads, including popular Indian movies, international Hindi movie titles, Tamil and Telugu movies, Korean and Chinese titles, etc.

This amazing platform is also known for its user-friendliness. It has been built using one of the most advanced web technologies available today – Joomla. And the best thing about it is that it is 100% safe to use. Its easy-to-use movie download platform allows users to browse through their favorite movies, rent them or even burn them to disc, if they wish. It even comes with a library of movie trailers that can be easily accessed by browsing its interface.

Final Words:

So, if you are looking for an amazing, affordable and safe way to download and watch movies online at home, without spending anything at all, then check out 9xmovies Proxy. Not only is it a powerful pirated movie website that provides its users with amazing titles and movies, it also has several other benefits. Aside from being completely safe and secured, it offers various other features that you won’t find in other similar websites. It comes with a library of more than a thousand movies, several international Hindi movies, Tamil and Telugu movies, Chinese and Korean movies, as well as the new releases. To date, this incredible website remains one of the top options for people who want to download movies.

So that was all for the 9xmovies Proxy 2021. Overall, 9xmovies is one of the best websites to download movies in all Indian languages, and by using these proxy sites, you will be able to access the website. So go ahead and try accessing the site and see how it is working for you. Also, if you wish to ask anything, do feel free to comment below.

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