How to Activate Windows 7 for free?

If you struggling with the activation of Windows 7 for free then there a simple way which you can utilize for getting started. Some of the most efficient ways are stated below:

windows 7 activate

Activate Windows 7 without a serial key

You can definitely activate the Windows 10 without using the activation key of Windows. You can definitely do it but at first, you will have to download the activator Windows 10. There are many activators of Windows 10 which are available on the internet.

With the help of Windows 7 activator, it will be easy for you to bring some changes in the registry files of Windows. Two types of the Windows activator are utilized for activating the Windows 7.

Method 1: The first method you will encounter the activators which will help in changing the registry of Windows and will hide so it won’t show the activation warning popup just like the genuine Windows anymore. This type of activators of Windows will not help in activating the windows, but they will disable or stop the functions of Windows that are interrupting the users several times when it comes to activation or validation of the windows. Since it is not activating the windows so it is going to give you a feel that you are currently running the genuine Windows 7. Local computer sellers mostly use activators for fooling the customers instead of providing them with a genuine copy of the Windows 7.

Method 2: There are different types of windows activator which will help in activating the Windows 7 as it will extract the window key from the registry files.

This activator software will read the registry files of Windows 10 and then it will get all the windows 7 keys. After hitting with several company key combinations within some minutes it will be able to activate Windows 7 efficiently and easily. You need to update windows to make others work well. However, it also helps applications like ctf loader, windows defender and many others.

Activate Windows 7 with an internet connection

When you will activate Windows 7 on the phone it will make use of the internet connection for activating online. So the steps that you need to follow are written below.

  • From the icon displayed on the home screen, you will have to select the start button and then right click on the computer for selecting the properties. From there you will get the option of activating the windows now.
  • Then the Windows will detect an internet connection and it will try to activate the windows with the help of online connection. Now you will have to provide the admin password and then you will have to confirm the choice.
  • Now you will have to provide the product key of Windows 7 and then follow all the instruction for going into the next procedure and for completing the activation.

Activate the Windows 7 with phone

  • On the home screen of a computer, you will have to look for the start button for selecting the properties. From there you will have to choose the option of activating Windows.
  • You can also click on other ways for activating the Windows 7.
  • Provide the product key of Windows 7 and then proceed.
  • You can use your phone system for activating Windows 7. You may have to provide admin password as well for confirming the choice.
  • From the dropdown list, you will have to select a location and proceed.
  • It will provide you with all the phone numbers which are available and you can use it for getting the automated system which will help you to complete the activation of Windows 7.

These are some of the effective ways that you can use for activating your Windows 7. It is completely easy and a free way of downloading or activating Windows 7.

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