What are the advantages and disadvantages of using an electric pressure cooker?

Time changes and brings to us new and innovative products. There is not a single product that could be counted as a new and revolutionary item for the kitchen and the electric cooker is just a part of that family. Here, we have tried to discuss the pros and cons of using it, thus clearing all the confusion in our reader’s mind. 


  • The first and foremost feature that these electric pressure cookers provide to their users is that it shut down automatically shut or slowdowns when the pressure of the cooker reaches to the unsafe levels. This additional feature of quick pressure release could not be found in the conventional pressure cookers. So, the first advantage that you get from using the electric one is that it releases the pressure quickly, thus making it safer. 
  • There are a lot of variants that these electric pressure cookers come in. One of these models is these instant pots that are designed in such a way that one could never feel any danger while using them. The first and foremost thing that this type of electric cooker gives you is safety. The manufacturers make sure that the lid of the cooker does not open up, till the pressure inside it does not subside. Also, the lid of the cooker won’t open up, until you detach it or cut the electric connection of the cooker.  In this manner, one could avoid the pressure cooker explosion


  • The first thing that the electric pressure cookers lack from getting that perfect badge is the correct measurements. There are digital controls in these types of cookers and therefore it is difficult for us to get the proper measurements of the food item that needs to be cooked in it. 
  • Along with the measurement thing, one should always keep it in mind that with all the advantages, the electric cooker costs you way more than the normal, conventional cookers. Another point that should be clearly noted in your mind is that it runs on electricity and that too is not so cheap and costs you extra bucks than the normal one.

So, these were a few of the advantages and disadvantages of using a digital or electric pressure cooker. With these points in your mind, you could take a clear decision on this topic. 

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