5 Amazing Apps to Learn Quran Online


The Quran is a special resource for the Muslim nation that they always want to keep. It is a holy book that all Muslims must know and read. But it is seen that many people cannot read the Qur’an due to busy schedules and lack of time. So is there no way for them? Of course, in today’s age of advanced technology, we can now easily read the Quran with money at home. Now almost everyone has a smartphone and internet connection so they can easily learn Quran online. You will find several sites online that can help you study the Qur’an. There are even apps that will help you understand the Qur’an with meaning in a quick time. These apps are also very useful for online Quran classes.

We have arranged our article with some such apps. We will now try to highlight some of the apps that will help you to read the Quran in this article. So let’s get started with it.


When it comes to any tool or app for learning Quran online, at first, we have to give place to “myQuran” app. It is an app that allows you to learn the Qur’an easily and quickly at the same time. This is a great Quran application that serves as a Quran school for us. It is an excellent Quran learning app that can help you to search for root words from any Ayah. It also helps to understand the meaning of the verse.

It Includes eight prominent reciters that mean you can choose your favorite one. Hifz controls with the option to playback any of your favorite terms. The Qur’an develops a good understanding of the Qur’anic language with the help of vocabulary lists. To practice Quran Tajweed online, visit Makharez, and you have an option of custom folders that allow you to add all the verses related to certain topics.

Learn Quran:

Another great app for learning the Quran is “Learn Quran.” If you want to learn 50% words of the Quran just in a few hours, then this is an ideal app for you. Maybe you think it is a joke. But it’s not. Do you think the Quran is too hard to learn or you can’t manage time to learn it? This app is a suitable option for you to choose. But why?

You can view all course materials, review the vocabulary separately and see how easily you have learned with the help of the progress bar. You can try this app effortlessly.

Quran Majeed:

Another amazing app is Quran Majeed, which comes with lots of awesome collection of reciters and hat translations of the Holy Quran in multiple languages. It is also a great search option to search for any root words or verses if you can’t understand its meaning. This app comes with 45 different languages ​​to make learning the Quran easy and understandable.

You can find the zoom in / out option in this app to get a better view of the Holy Quran. It also allows you to use this Quran learning app in airplay mode. The search option lets you search for any term, keyword, or text from an English translation. In this app, you will find the option to highlight certain verses or Qur’anic words while reciting.


This app is a useful tool for them to memorize the Quran on their own. Just select the part you are memorizing and practice using different Tilawat of different readers with the application. It will even cover the verses as you recite and replay your recitations to correct your mistakes. You can easily track your progress across the Quran and memorize it at your own pace.

Quran Memorizer Pro:

It is another Quran learning app that allows you to learn Quran easily. T gives you an idea of ​​the actual Holy Quran with an option to learn the Holy Quran in one page or two-page style. It has the option to play audio loops and prevents the phone from going into sleep mode. This awesome app is mainly designed for the visually impaired or blind people. This app also allows you to use voice over mode for easy access. You can easily place a bookmark and add some notes to a bookmark for future reference.

Final Thoughts:

Now you don’t have to set aside time to read the Holy Quran as all these apps will help you to read the Quran anywhere and anytime. For those who can’t read the Quran due to lack of time, these apps may be the most effective solution. These apps will be especially helpful for online Quran classes. We hope you have benefited enough from our small efforts.

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