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We all come across a point in our life when we have to type something in a language we are not good at typing. There are so many online freelancer sites where you can find thousands of text translation jobs. When it comes to converting something into another language, most of the people head over to Google Translate, but it won’t help you with accurate and readable translation every time. Many businesses and website owners look for professional translators and writers that understands and type both of the languages. Hiring someone to translate the text doesn’t sound like a good option when it comes to personal and small needs. In that case people start looking for ways to translate the text themselves to save time and resources.

In country like India, most used languages are English and Hindi. While English is an international language, Hindi is among most used language in India. We’ve seen people looking for English to Hindi converter tool to do the language translation. No need to worry if you are among them, we are here at rescue. Well, there are hundreds of English to Hindi typing tools and websites available out there which can be used for the translation. Not all of them are useful as they don’t do the translation correctly, probably because of using Google Translate API.

For professional needs, we recommend hiring a writer or someone to translate the text manually. Though you can use below mentioned online Hindi typing software to convert English text into Hindi online without sign up or registration. Along with websites, we have also added some English to Hindi converter app for Android devices which you can use to change English text to Hindi in real time. Services mentioned below are not listed in ranking order, so you can any of them which works good for you.

English To Hindi Translation Online | Hinglish To Hindi

When we talk about type in Hindi keyboard, then almost all keyboard app provides that feature. Problem arises when you want to do English to Hindi transfer. By using below mentioned best English to Hindi translation sites you can type Hindi with English keyboard online. A simple copy-paste will get the job done and you can then share the translated text wherever you want.

I Love Typing

Easy Hindi Typing is one of the most popular and easy to use type in Hindi from English website. All you have to do is to open the website, type the text you want to translate and press Spacebar after every word to get it converted. Good thing to know that this website uses Google transliteration typing service which makes the output more accurate. If the output is not what you want, then press Backspace to get a dropdown menu of other possible words which you can replace with that word.

Lexi Logos

Many people searched for English to Hindi typing Google but using the Google Tool won’t help you every time. So not only Hindi to English or English to Hindi but you can also translate other languages with this tool. The best thing about Lexi Logos is that it also offers Hindi typing keyboard online which you can use to type online using your mouse.


Gate2Home is another simple website to do English to Hindi typing online without registration. This website uses an online keyboard along with their own algorithm to get the best results. A virtual keyboard is displayed to the uses with key mapping, so you can find out which English letter types what in the target language. You can use this website to improve your typing skills in other languages than English.

Raj Bhasha

Raj Bhasha is an online free Hindi Unicode typing tool which changes English words into Hindi (Devanagari) in real time. If you are looking for websites to type in Hindi Unicode with English keyboard then you can’t find anything better than Raj Bhasha. This language converter tool is also capable of translation words from Hinglish to Hindi Devanagari easily.

Convert English To Hindi Online | Type In Hindi Get In English

We hope you can do English to Hindi typing online by using the sites mentioned above. However, most of the internet users these days use smartphone as their primary source of communication. Coming to typing on it, which is easy as there are thousands of keyboard apps for Android available out there. If you are looking to do English to Hindi translation app download then you can find some English to Hindi app to convert English into Hindi on your Android smartphone.

Hindi Keyboard

If you are looking for English to Hindi converter online then Hindi Keyboard is for you. This app works as the name says after installing it you can enable the option to use this app as your default keyboard app. There are more than 12 amazing fancy text and fancy art available in this app which can be used to generate fancy text online. With the recent update, you can now do Voice Input and get the translated output as text. Hindi Keyboard for Android is the only app which can translate English to Hindi in English words.

Hindi-English Translator

Hindi-English Translator app is one of the most simple and easy to use English to Hindi translation app available right now. This app have got more than 100K downloads on Google Play Store and this app is capable of translating words as well as complete sentences in no time. This app comes with Favourites feature where you can save the translated text or word for offline viewing. So you don’t have to look for English to Hindi online translation every time you want to do the translation.

Hindi English Translator

This app can be used to translate text from English to Hindi or vice versa without using the internet. The latest version of this app have Word Game included, which is basically a game to guess the words. It helps you in improving your vocabulary and English. There’s an in-built Hindi typing keyboard included which can be used to type directly in Hindi without using the translator.

Typing in Hindi

This app might not be as popular as other apps of this list, but it definitely gets your work done. Typing In Hindi works just what is says, you can type words or sentences in English/Hinglish and watch them getting converted into Hindi automatically. It’s just a matter of seconds after your input, that output is generated. You can also write text or sentences into English language and translate them into Hindi using this app.

Final Words:

We hope above mentioned English to Hindi typing tools worked for you and they helped you in getting your work done. You can easily type in Hindi with English keyboard using online translation websites like Easy Hindi Typing.

Though there are many websites available out there for online translate English to Hindi, above-mentioned services works best among them. We will update this post with new free English to Hindi converter sites as soon as we find a working one, so keep visiting this page to know about them.

If you know about any other working English to Hindi translation online service, then let us know about it via comments below.

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