Top 3 Best WhatsApp Mods 2020 You Must Try

Do you love customizations on your smartphone? If yes then you must try out the best WhatsApp Mods right now. WhatsApp Mods are loved by many people these days. This is because they come up with some additional features which aren’t available in the official WhatsApp application. There are so many WhatsApp Mods are out there which have their own unique features.

What are WhatsApp Mods?

WhatsApp Mods are actually the modded version of official WhatsApp. These apps work the same as the official WhatsApp application. Apart from that, these apps are given you access to the more features which can’t be availed on the official WhatsApp.

If you aren’t aware of the best WhatsApp Mods then you have landed on the right page. In this article. I have shared the best WhatsApp Mod application. You can try out each of them one by one. I am sure these applications are not going to disappoint you at all.

Best WhatsApp Mods 2019

Best WhatsApp Mods 2020

Best WhatsApp Mods 2020

WhatsApp Mods provides more advanced functionality than the official WhatsApp. This is the reason most of the people love using these apps instead of the official WhatsApp. If you are confused about choosing the best WhatsApp Mod, let’s have a look at the apps given below:

#1. GBWhatsApp

gbwhatsapp logo

Whenever anyone starts looking for the WhatsApp Mods, this apps pops up as the No.1 application. As you can use this application along with the official WhatsApp, it is also well-known as the Dual WhatsApp application. This application is developed by Team GBMods. You can download this application on almost every Android version.

#2. FMWhatsApp

fmwhatsapp logo

FMWhatsApp is another great WhatsApp Mod which comes along with so many tweaks and customizations. This application carries a large collection of themes and layout designs which lets you customize your WhatsApp to the next level. FMWhatsApp Apk is well-modified by the developer Fouad MODS.

#3. YoWhatsApp

yowhatsapp logo

This is another best WhatsApp Mod which is developed by Team YoMods. This application comes along with so many killer features that are added by the developer Yousef-Al-Basha. YoWhatsApp comes with an interface like WhatsApp for iOS so you can get a feel of the iPhone using this application.


If you love customizations, you must try out the WhatsApp Mods. These apps come with so many extra features that are locked inside the official WhatsApp. There are so many other privacy options are also added which helps you to secure your WhatsApp.

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