Top 10 Workout apps you need to try

One of the best ways with which you can now stay fit without hitting the gym or any kind of workout outside your home is through the workout apps. With the help of workout apps, you can now follow any fitness plan without leaving your home. These apps would work great especially for those who don’t have enough time to workout from their busy schedules. There are different workout apps to meet the varying interests and requirements of people available in the market.

Best Workout Apps 2019

Best Workout Apps 2021

Check out the top 10 best Workout apps that you can choose from.

1) Noom: The app claims that on an average the users would lose around 18 pounds in a time period of 16 weeks, though the results might vary from individual to individual. The app would provide you with customized fitness and meal plan along with food and weight trackers for your observations. You will also be provided with a personal coach as well. While doing the workout, you can play various casino games in your Smartphone.

2) Gixo: You can find live trainers who are now available for your assistance all day and night here. The sessions might last for 15, 25 or even 40 minutes helping you in walking, running, HIIT or strengthening workouts. You can find the expert trainers who would be with you and guide you in doing the exercises in the right way.

3) Asana Rebel: It’s the yoga app which is a godsend. It’s all about the mixture of flow sequences along with HIIT inspired workout in order to strengthen muscles while burning your excess fat out of your body. It’s one of the best apps with which you can now maintain a balanced weight and life. It would also make you more flexible than ever before.

4) 6 pack in 30 days: Looking for best apps to obtain 6 packs then you are at the right place. This app would help you in getting the kind of six-pack that you were looking for within 30 days while strengthening your core muscles. Unlike gyms and other Workout centers you don’t need any kind of equipment here and it would be best for those who are new to the gyms. You can start from the beginning slowly as the app would demonstrate you with the classic core workouts such as the reverse crunches, Russian twists and lot more to explore.

5) Strava: This is an app which would help you in keeping a track over the cycling distance, running, speed as well as endurance. This would particularly be beneficial for those who are planning to participate or trying to compete in a triathlon or marathon in coming days. You cannot just compare the performances but also can work on it and improve to do much better than previous ones. Another benefit which you can enjoy over this app is that you can also share your performances with your friends so as to give each other that extra push and stay motivated together or with a group of friends who are also using the same app.

6) Studio tone it up: The app is a community of women who would help you by guiding you in doing the best workouts such as cardio, yoga, boxing, barre, kettlebell, and other strength training so as to make your body strong and toned. As there are new classes every week you would never feel bored or fall sick of doing the same routine. It would also provide you with certain daily moves so that you can focus only on those apps if you don’t have enough time to attend the entire digital class session which would last from 20-40 minutes a day.

7) Couch to 5k: If you are a person who is new to the 5k run and have never attended then this app would be a great one to go with. Especially the beginners who are running would need certain training for their first race which can be provided by Couch to 5k. For this, all you may need to do is just to spend some 30 minutes of sweating per day for around 3 days a week for nine weeks. That’s all you need for your first 5k run.

8) 7 minute Butt Workout: Most of them would feel awkward to do butt exercises in a gym as there are several people who would be working out along with you simultaneously. In such cases, the 7 -minute butt workout would be the best one to choose. When you go for this butt workout it would provide you with best results as it would cover and target to improve your glutes through donkey kicks, squats and more.

9) My Fitness Pal: This is an excellent app which would act like a 3 in 1 diet tracker, exercise motivator and the calorie counter. When you provide details about your weight and height it would calculate accordingly and would provide you with customized and personalizes your goals depending on the type of body that you have and the food you take. As there are around 5 million foods saved in their database, you can actually choose the type of chicken that you are eating and it would determine the calories that you are partaking and burning off.

10) Headspace: This is the app for all those who haven’t yet fixed in their minds about exercising or might not be willing to commit to the exercise regime. The app would help you to start off with meditation which is one of the best steps to the wellness journey. You can explore the app and can go for a 10-day free course for the beginners where they would tell you the importance of practicing meditation or mindfulness regularly on a daily basis. Through meditation, there are several aspects which you can fix and can maintain a healthy life as it would help you to increase productivity at workspace by improving your concentration and focus while it also helps you to fight with insomnia.

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