Reason Why Budget Vm Web Hosting Services is the Perfect Solution to Host Your Websites

BudgetVM is one of the largest web hosting company in the world today, which currently supports over 250,000 customers across the globe, both in the commercial and consumer sectors, serving customers ranging from individual users to corporate companies in over 50 countries worldwide.

Budgetvm was established in 2005 and currently has four data centers in North America. Despite the tough challenges in the web hosting industry because of the arisen pandemic COVID-19 which is no more a secret to anyone, BudgetVM remains to be one of the best web hosting provides for many of their long-term regular clients because they never disappoint their customers throughout these years. Let us table out all the key reasons as to why BudgetVM web hosting services are the perfect choice for most of the website owners?


When a business website expands owners definitely going to need an enormous amount of bandwidth. Budgetvm supports its consumers with unlimited disk space and bandwidth levels in the marketplace, allowing you ample room to host a standard website and to allow it to grow. Unlimited web hosting is truly one of the impressive features of Budgetvm. The suite of web authoring tools is at your fingertips so you can quickly design and get your web sites thriving, such as a free website builder and blog tutorials. To make your website interesting to your visitors, you can quickly and easily add supplementary functions such as a forum or guest book.

Maximum Uptime Guarantee

Budgetvm has been well recognized for its guaranteed up-time of 99.99% averagely all throughout the entire year. Most of their customers barely notice any down-time at all because even if there are any, their highly trained technical support will attend promptly to this unexpected downtime with no waste of time. Their effectiveness in reducing any possible downtime has surely proved to be one of the key reasons why they continue to stay on top than their counterparts.

User-Friendly Control Panel

It does not matter what type of hosting plan you are selecting for your website. Budgetvm provides you a user-friendly control panel, which will help you to manage your site easily with no technical help. If you are a non-technical person, then Budgetvm is probably for you. Now it’s possible for even the newbies to sit down at their workstation and be taken by the hand, step-by-step through the cPanel interface to perform whatever tasks they need to accomplish. Budgetvm has industry’s well-equipped hardware, software as well as firewalls, which assure you about the security of your server.

Reliable Web Hosting Plans

They have particularly designed different types of web hosting plans, as per their individual customers’ customized needs and requirements. They are also well equipped with several plans starting from low to high prices as per features, for individuals who are looking for basic web hosting services with one single domain, as well as for those who want to expand their domains and websites to further growth of their business. The business of all sizes came to Budgetvm because of its affordable and multiple types of hosting servers to choose from, such as their popular dedicated, cloud, window, and SSD VPS server web hosting services.

Customer Support

One of the highly renowned unique features of Budgetvm is their exceptional customer support service which is not only effective but also very reliable, where their customer representative are always being very easy to be reached out to, whether by emails, phone, or by the online chat. Their response and resolution are very fast and correct. At any one time, there are designated person being dedicatedly assigned to attend to their clients call or e-mails because they wish to provide their best possible quality service and technical support to their customers especially during down-time so that their customers can be well assured that there is always someone there immediately being available to assist them any way we are able to.

On top of that, BudgetVM is so confident with the excellent customer service that they allow their customers to pay monthly without being tied up with any long term contracts. This feature is not offered by other web hosting companies in the marketplace. I bet that with this exceptional service, Budgetvm would have successfully captured the heart of their potential customers for them to continue their client-host relationship for an extended time.

A brief overview of BudgetVM’s services

Budgetvm provides a variety of services ranging from cloud servers, dedicated servers, SSD VPS servers, and window VPS servers. For instance, if you opt for a dedicated server they will offer you plans at a very reasonable fee (mentioned below in the screenshot) where you can have your very own server and maintain total control over it.

There would be experts to familiarize you with these exclusive dedicated server features and control panel so you know how to get your operations running quickly or you may hire a program of Budgetvm to take care of this issue for you who will assist you to set up the panel set up. The same applies to their other services.

My Experience with BudgetVM

Here I am going to share my review about BudgetVM’s dedicated server that I chose for my corporate business. Let me tell you that BudgetVM has an awesome client portal. It is has a custom billing panel with a nice user interface and modern UI. People can manage their server right inside their portal with ease.

Reviews of their past clients

Final Words

Budgetvm is well equipped with powerful servers, with extended network coverage to deliver the best outcome and results for their customers regardless of the types of websites they are supporting for. Customers are usually being astonished by the robustness of their system support and software.

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