10 Characteristics of a Blog and a Quality Blog Post

As a Blogger, it is necessary to know about the characteristics of a blog and a quality blog post. Most of you want to rank your blog post on the web, so here are some of the points I am providing you that you should keep in mind while writing any post on your blog.

These points will help you write quality content for your sites, so don’t miss any of this point.

quality blog post

Suitable blog post Length:

Most of the bloggers confuse this as they want to rank their post on google and they find that some posts have ranks which have a length up to 2000, but at the same, some post is ranking in just 500 words.

So let me clarify that it is not the number of words in a post that decide to rank that post, it is all about the information you are giving in that post.

So, my suggestion is that just write your article to give sufficient information and not care about the number of words.

Start Discussion:

It is one of the best ways to know that your viewers are interested in reading your post or not. As to rank in google, it is very important to decrease your bounce rate, and in this way, you can also increase your audience.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback, suggestions, thoughts, opinions, or even you can use the comment section to collect feedback and improve your post according to your viewers.

Make Your Post Appropriate:

Always try to add that information, which is not available on the web already.

When Google says quality and unique content, it does not just mean non-copy posts.  

That content that is not available on the web in large amounts or some additional data from compared to other top rank sites helps you to run your blog post on google.

Significance should be your number one preference when writing a blog post. Know your viewers and estimate what will be not only suitable but also applicable. Explore some keywords to find valuable information that’s missing, and share your unique point of view.

Make Your Post Engaging for your viewers:

As I mentioned earlier about the bounce rate. This point is one that can decrease your bounce rate and help you to get permanent viewers.

To write an engaged post, try to avoid passive voice and keep your content around a point to your topic. Your content should be in conversation tone and try to add you the personal story as viewers take more interest in

Make your headline to grab viewer attraction:

All of you are using headlines on the blog, but are you using the right headline to grab audience attraction?

Headlines sometimes play a vital role as viewers will see captions of the content and click on it. So it is essential to use attention-grabbing headlines to your post.

Keep your heading related to most search keywords. It may help you to rank your post on google.

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Unique Content 

Despite the specialty you decide for your blog, almost certainly, somebody has secured the point previously. Everything has been said and done, yet this doesn’t mean you should duplicate glue the article. 

To stand apart from the group, you have to offer new ways to deal with the secured themes. It should be possible with your manner of speaking, the style of composing, or perspective. 

Returning to that “individual touch,” on the off chance that you’ve picked a specialty that you’re energetic about, offering your one of a kind way to deal with it shouldn’t be complicated.

Deep Research 

Each excellent blog entry requires time and exertion to put resources into the investigation. The more you dedicate yourself to the exploration, the simpler it becomes to compose the post. 

Principally, this will offer you knowledge into others’ thoughts on the theme; you’ll jump further into it, making it simpler to frame your extraordinary way of dealing with it. 

Moreover, the most effortless approach to lose perusers is by being untrustworthy. Each guarantee ought to be sponsored up by proof, so connections and references from sound sources are fundamental.

Most Blogs Have the Same Structure 

First comes a header with the menu or route bar to clean up the page and establish an incredible first connection. It’s followed up by the primary substance zone on which blog entries show up either by request of distributing or by importance.

Down beneath are contact pages, security approaches, and pertinent connections conveniently orchestrated in a footer. A sidebar features most loved sections and shows social profiles and call-to-activities.

Number of Keyword in a post:

After finding a suitable keyword, most bloggers use them repeatedly as they think that if they use a particular keyword many times, it will increase the chance to rank their blog on Google.

But here they make a mistake as using the same keywords in the same article a lot of time google may not rank your post due to keyword repetition.

Try to use your focus keyword not more than six times in an article of 1000 words to avoid keyword repetition issues.

Write For Audience:

If you are willing to rank your post on Google, then give some precious data to your audience and put all your efforts into writing your post.

And don’t just write your post to rank only on Google; if you write your post for your viewer’s google will rank your post automatically always try to understand what the audience wants from your post and try to talk to them directly or through the comment box.


I hope you liked this post. Please share your valuable feedback with us in the comment box if you have experienced any of these points and will read any ranked blog post on google. We have mentioned almost all the points related to the characteristics of a blog and a quality blog post.

But if you think we are missing something according to you, please suggest the comment box we will love to add that point.

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