4 child protection aspects in Britax pioneer vs Britax frontier

The top two car seat brands of the high ranking Britax company puts parents in precarious positions. Most parents just like you, find trouble choosing either Britax pioneer or Britax frontier. 

 But, when it comes to child safety, everyone is keen enough. None of the responsible parents is ever willing to compromise anything at whichever costs. Especially knowing that the USA loses over 2,000 children aged 14 years and below in crush accidents.

For that you need to base on your child’s needs to get the right brands which suit them best. For that, we focus on the protection aspects of the bestselling Britax car brands in the USA. So that, you can make an informed decision during your subsequent orders. 

  1. Child weight and car seats weight 

Child’s weight and car seats weight are critical in making considerations for your young one’s safety in your vehicle. Car seats ease and effectiveness of installation, optimally depends upon the weight of the car seats. The more heavily, the less effective and more difficult to install. 

Britax pioneer weighs 21lbs while Britax frontier weighs 25 lbs. making the pioneer a more convent alternative.

In terms of a child’s weight, a good car seat must carry the weight equal or less that which it was designed to accommodate. In case the weight of your child supersedes the seat’s limit, there is a high chance of malfunctioning. Especially, when the right time comes. Implying that, instead of protecting it endangers their safety.

Both Britax pioneer’s and Britax frontier’s designs can accommodate heavyweights. Especially when in the recommended forward-facing position. However, there’s variation in the maximum weights each can accommodate.

Whereas frontier takes a maximum of 90lbs in a forward-facing position, pioneer takes a maximum of 70lbs. In booster mode, Frontier takes 120 lbs while pioneer takes110 lbs. But the majority of children gets off the child protection seats to the safety belts when they hit 4 feet and 9 inches.  Usually, between the age of 8 to 12 years. 

But FP notebook indicates that a child below 7 years can weigh up to a maximum of 70lb. Making both frontier and pioneer good for safety.

  1. Durability and Growth of seat with the child

Did you know that a child adds up to a maximum of 5 lbs/year (2.25 kg/year) with subsequent change in heights? During a year of birth, the child grows by 7-10 inches. In the second and third year, the growth rate is 5 inches /year and 3 inches/year, respectively. During the age of 4 years to puberty, there is an addition of 2inches/year.

A good seat is that which can accommodate the child’s changing heights and width until the seat’s expiry date. On this, both Britax pioneer and Britax frontier are superb. They both have slot heights adjustable between 12.5 and 20.5 inches. Harness length for both is 28 and 35 inches. 

Again, both have the same durability period of up to 9 years since manufacture date. The secret is buying the most recently manufactured. 

  1. Installation and adjustments

There is a variation in technology utilized for the installation and adjustment of Britax pioneer and Britax frontier. The later uses click tight technology for installation, while the former utilizes latch connectors. As such, the frontier is easier to install than the other. 

However, latch connectors are not that quite involving. The difference in installation time is so negligible to compare.

  1. Designs and material 

Another safety factor to consider in car seat touches on designs, and material used. A good car seat should utilize polypropylene, the hardest and less fragile plastic in making seats. Additionally, an appropriate fabric and vinyl should make seat covers. The seat should also be padded with foam.  All these are utilized in both Britax pioneer and Britax frontier.

In terms of design, they both have padded seats with wings and protection headrest. Thus they absorb shocks from beneath, sides and also support the head and body. Addition of cup holder and armrest completes their make and guarantees safety. 

With Britax pioneer costing less than the frontier, it does not harm settling for it as an option to the superior Britax frontier. 

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