How To Download Facebook Private Videos Online?

As we all know that Facebook is a very popular social media platform with more than a billion active users around the world. On Facebook, millions of videos are uploaded on a daily basis with different privacy settings, before we proceed let me make clear few basic things about privacy settings of FB videos.

download facebook private videos

Public Videos

Public Videos on Facebook are those videos which are visible to everyone without any restriction; these videos include profile videos, group videos, and videos which are uploaded on Facebook pages. You can easily download any public Facebook with odownloader.

Private Videos

You must be aware of this thing that users can set the privacy of their Facebook timeline according to their needs, so there are some Facebook profiles which are private that means the only particular audience can watch them. So downloading these types of videos with online downloaders is almost impossible, because of various limitations of the online downloading platform from where you are trying to download any Facebook private video.

  1. With you can easily download any FB Private video for free by following some simple steps below.
  2. Go to Facebook.
  3. Open that private Facebook video that you want to download with our FB private downloader.
  4. Now replace the URL of the Facebook post which is opened with link.
  5. Now click CTRL+U and then copy the source code from the next page.
  6. Click the download button after pasting the source code in the search box of our Facebook private downloader…

You must be wondering that what will be the quality of these Facebook private videos which you will download with odownloader?, well the answer is quite simple, we do not replace any feature of the particular video which is being downloaded with our Facebook private video downloader. Our amazing platform supports all video qualities including the highest one of 1080p. So you don’t need to worry about anything else once you have decided to use our services because the rest is our responsibility when you enter the URL.

The bottom line

We hope that you are impressed with our excellent and speedy Facebook private video downloader. Remember, you won’t find such an amazing service anywhere else because as per our knowledge till now there is not a single trusted platform for downloading Facebook private videos. If you are good at internet surfing then you must be aware of the consequences of using malicious service. While using O downloader you don’t need to worry about your privacy because all the URL and videos instantly deleted from our servers once you download them. In the end, I would like to clarify one confusion that there is as such limit of downloading videos from our platform because as we have said before odownloader is completely free to use. We wish you all the best and we also hope that these videos will be used for productive use only.

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