Easily Manage Money with These Apps

They say that a cent saved is a cent earned. More often than not, if you manage your money right you should be able to live a good life without burning yourself to the ground. Unfortunately, though not everyone has this skill. So, if you’re someone who gets their paycheck one day only to have it disappear the next, you might want to give these apps a try. They’ll help you catch up with all the money managing basics so you can live a better life!


This all-in-one resource helps you create a budget, tracks your spending and gives you money tips sure to make you smart over time. You can also connect your bank accounts and credit cards to the app and pay your monthly bills using that. You’ll know exactly when the bill is due and how much you need to pay. With what you have left, the app will also tell you what you can afford. Found shoes you can’t live without? Well, if you have this app you’re sure to think twice before purchasing them. What’s more, you earn free credit score too!

Financial Calculators

Some of us skim over the math of it all, but with this app there is no shirking from your duty and given the ease it offers, you wouldn’t want to. As the name suggests Financial Calculators provides you with all the calculators you need. Want to know how much your car loan and mortgage payments will be? Well, with this app you’ll know within seconds. You get three to four calculators with adjustable rates to ensure you can calculate whatever you need. 

Google Sheets 

For most of us, it’s not doing the math that’s the issue. It is being prompt and recording your expenditure as it happens that we have trouble with. Having the data, knowing where you’re spending the money is half the work done and with Google Sheets you will be able to do just that. The app simplifies the process by giving you a spreadsheet that you can edit when needed. You can also program it to do the math for you by using the formulae it offers. It’s old school, yes. But, that’s exactly what makes it so beautiful. Just make sure though that you have a good internet connection. That way you’ll be able to update your sheet across all devices with ease and even share it with the one friend we’re sure you’ve tasked with keeping you in check. Spectrum prices are quite affordable and with the option of home and mobile internet together, you’ll have everything covered. 

Money Manager

With plastic money in the mix, you often don’t feel the cash you’re spending. When you put a picture on it though, it grounds you to reality which is why Money Manager is such a great app to have. Instead of simply reading numbers and tables, you get a more visual experience of your expenditure. Since it supports features like asset management and instant stats, you’re covered in all aspects. If you still need more though, you can always upgrade to their pro version.


The life of a freelancer is stressful. It’s not just about finding work that is nerve-racking but its managing the money you earn that really takes a toll on your health. Some months you have more assignments than you can count and other months you’re searching for work to no avail which consequently means some months you get paid large sums of money and others you barely make it through. What’s worse though is that the money coming in does not follow any set schedule making it difficult to plan your expenses. If you’re looking for a solution to it all, get Tycoon ASAP.

It allows you to standardize the freelance assignment, create a time table for it and keep track of the payments received and those that are scheduled to arrive. With these features, you’ll always know where you stand. It can’t get better than this!

Final Words

So, there you go. With these apps you’ll be able to show your money and yourself the love they deserve. Nobody wants to part away with their hard earned money by purchasing worthless things and now, they don’t have to!

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