eLite Server Management Review – Is this established host as good as they say?

With the pace of time and digitalization, the popularity of the Internet cannot be overlooked. By the time the internet has come into consideration, the world has evolved. Nowadays, businesses have found a perfect place to promote their services regardless of their enterprise size. The Internet has paved the way for people to advertise their products and services on various platforms. However, to thrive in a business on online platforms, you would need to have a domain name and website hosting. It’s pretty easy to get a domain name; however, choosing a hosting company is more challenging than you can ever imagine because of the over-competitiveness in the hosting marketplace.

Thus it is always put people in the chaos that whom to consider catering their web hosting needs. A majority of people have a misconception that popular means high-quality services. Thus, most people consider GoDaddy, Blue Host, or HostGator, but do you know ‘all that glitters is not gold? Hence, even before trapped by any services provider, make sure you do an in-depth analysis so that you can flourish in your domain in a short period.

Why eLite Server Management stand out from the crowd?

The name of this hosting service provider can be unfamiliar to you, but this is no less than other reputed hosting providers in the industry. The company put its footprints in the hosting industry in 2004, and until now, it is serving around 5000+ clients worldwide. The business is best in terms of reliability, scalability, and flexibility. Below, I summarize their services.

eLite Server Management’s Shared Servers

  • Starting Plan: $2.95/Month
  • Professional Plan: $19.95/Month
  • Memory: 20GB SSD Disc Space (Starter) Unlimited (Maximum)
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Server Management: Not given
  • SSL Security: Free
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not given

eLite Server Management’s VPS Servers

  • Starting Plan: $9.90/Month
  • Higher Plan: $69.99/Month
  • Memory: 50GB (Starter) 120GB (Highest)
  • Bandwidth: 1 TB
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not Given

eLite Server Management’s Dedicated Servers

  • Starting Plan: $59.95/Month
  • Peak Plan: $129.95/Month
  • Memory: 480GB (Starter) 1 TB (Highest)
  • Bandwidth: 15 TB Unmetered
  •  Managed dedicated Server: Yes
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not Given

eLite Server Management’s Reseller Servers

  • Bronze Plan: $9.95/Month
  • Silver Plan: $18.95
  • Gold Plan: $34.95
  • Platinum Plan: $44.95
  • Memory: Unlimited Disc Space
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Customer Support: 24/7
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Not Given

eLite’s Performance

This business stands out of the crowd when it comes to uptime and high-performance guarantee. No matter if you are a newbie or an established enterprise with massive traffic on your website. You will never even encounter any speed hassles except on some occasions when you may get a massive influx of people at a time, which is quite general. However, their management team will assist you to tackle such scenarios.

eLite’s Control Panel

Their easy-to-access and straight forward cpanel server management will never let you face any hassles, no matter if you are a techno-savvy or a newbie. You will get all those facilities which renowned web hosts such as HostGator, Blue Host, and many more provide such as script installer so that hosting owner can add as many scripts as they want as per their business need. Some popular scripts are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many more.

Reliability and Support

This website hosting company commits a maximum uptime guarantee than other hosting providers in the market. Maybe this is why people are choosing their services more frequently, and it has established itself as a renowned hosting provider.

Why you should go to this business?

  • Cooperative Customer Support Services
  • They understand the need of their customers
  • Their services are very reliable
  • The company provides a maximum uptime guarantee
  • Some packages provide a maximum uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited CPU and bandwidth resources

Customer Testimonials

Customer’s Testimonials play a vital role for customers to know the reputation of a website. This way they can assure that they are choosing the right hosting services for their business. Here are few of the reviews about eLite Server Management’s website hosting services.

Final Verdict

eLite Server Management is a leading hosting provider. The company has secured its place in the market because of substantial support and reliability . Thus, if you are in a quest to gain hosting for your small businesses, blogs, online portfolio, personal websites or a professional website, then eLite server management is the best choice for you.

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