40+ Best ExtraTorrents Proxy Sites | ExtraTorrent Mirror 2021

ExtraTorrents Proxy 2021: If you have used ExtraTorrent in the past, then you must be knowing that it was one of the best torrent sites over the web. With millions of fan following, ExtraTorrent was everyone’s favorite. If you are its regular visitor then you must be knowing that it has been shut down. It’s either due to legal pressure or something else which is not clear.

But to maintain consistency, we have bought some ExtraTorrent proxy sites which will help you to get your desired media. Even now, Torrents are the most preferred way of downloading movies and TV series. As ExtraTorrent was quite famous, so it stopped and some ExtraTorrents proxy sites were created.

What is ExtraTorrent Proxy?

ExtraTorrents Proxy is a source which lets you connect to the different ExtraTorrent.cc websites. This doesn’t disclose the main source. Moreover, this also helps in saving them from the issue of government disclosures as it leads to their closure.

ExtraTorrent Proxy is made by cloning the service you are trying to reach and serve you every time you search for. Mirror sites are also great consideration, but the ISPs are going on blocking them every single day. Thus, proxy sites come into play here. These proxies help you in connecting the websites by re-routing the traffic. Moreover, the domain names chosen are different and enough to fool your Internet service provider.

ExtraTorrents Proxy 2019

ExtraTorrents Proxy 2021

You must be thinking that a VPN can also be used to connect to these websites. Definitely, a VPN can be used, but while using VPN you have to manually find the sites and connect with them. Whereas Proxy themselves establish a secure and seamless connection by finding the best servers.

ExtraTorrent Proxy Sites 2021 | ExtraTorrent Unblocked & Mirror Sites

The main problem with the original ExtraTorrents was that its servers were blocked in most of the regions. Thus, people have to use VPNs in order to use ExtraTorrent. But now it has been permanently blocked and the new ExtraTorrent Proxy sites do not require VPN in order to be used.

After its blockage, many other ExtraTorrent Proxy sites have been developed. Some are quite fast and slow. Some are even down too. Therefore it becomes difficult to choose the best ExtraTorrents proxy. Also, check out Sites like TheWatchSeries where you can watch movies online.

So, to eliminate this confusion and help you people, we have made a list of all the proxies. That list even contains the status of proxy whether it’s active or down. Thus reaching the desired websites won’t be a tedious task.

 ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites

Sitenable.pw Working
Sitenable.co Working
Sitenable.info Working
Freeproxy.io Working
Siteget.net Working
Sitenable.ch Working
Filesdownloader.com Working
Sitenable.top Working
https://sitenable.asia/ Working
-https://extratorrents.cd/ Working
https://extratorrent.cd/ Working
https://extratorrent.cool/ Working
https://extra.to/ Working
-https://extratorrent.bypassed.in Working
https://xtra.unblocked.lol Working
https://extratorrents.unblockall.org/ Working
https://extratorrent.mrunlock.icu/ Working
-https://extra.pro2web.xyz/ Working
https://extratorrent.nocensor.pro/ Working
https://extra.pro2web.icu/ Working
-https://extra.pro2web.space/ Working
https://extra.pro2web.club/ Working
https://extra.pro2web.fun/ Working
Freeanimesonline.com Working
www.vpnbook.com Working
zalmos.com Working
proxify.com Working
extra.zxcv.win Working
extratorrent-cd.uio.faith Working

Best ExtraTorrent Working Alternatives 2021

ExtraTorrent was one of the best torrent sites. But it was not only a torrent site. There are still many torrent sites that are performing well. We have provided some handpicked ExtraTorrent working alternatives below:

In case your desired content is not available on ExtraTorrents, you may try out its alternatives which are mentioned above. Well, these torrents are also banned so you need to look up for its proxies and mirror sites.

How to Access Extratorrents Using a VPN?

If you don’t feel comfortable with the proxies then there is another way to access this torrenting platform on your Computer. Yeah, here we will know how to access ExtraTorrents using a VPN software. Well, if you don’t familiar with the term “VPN” then let me describe it in brief.

A VPN is a Computer program that lets you connect to the servers of different regions. It doesn’t let your ISP detect your exact location, from where you are accessing the Network. For example, if you choose the server of North America, it will show the location of North America to your ISP too. VPN allows you to access the restricted website for a particular region.

Now, the question is, How to use a VPN to access the ExtraTorrents platform? So, without wasting much time, let’s move forward to the steps. Through this guide, I will share the process for Google Chrome only as it is much easy to use. You can follow a similar process to any other VPN software too.

  • First of all, Open the Google Chrome Browser on your PC.
  • Now, search for the Browsec VPN on Google.
  • Open the Browsec Chrome Extension link and click on the “Add to Chrome” option.

browsec VPN

  • Now, you will get a Browsec icon at the top bar of the browser. Click on that icon and select the server region.
  • That’s all. You will be connected to the server.
  • Now, open the ExtraTorrents and you will get access to their website.

So, this was how to access Extratorrents using a VPN. Well, following the same procedure, you can access other torrenting platforms as well.

Final Words:

If you love downloading movies then Extratorrents would be the perfect place where you can download your favorite content for free. These were some of the ExtraTorrent Proxy sites which will allow you to remove the restriction and access your favorite torrenting platform. In case you have any questions regarding this article, ask us freely through the comments.

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