Best Facebook Video Marketing Tips & Tricks 2019

Facebook videos usually present a very huge opportunity for you to get your brand out front and center of a highly targeted audience along with huge drive reach, engagement and conversion as well as compared to the other platforms which we are aware of.

This is one of the major reasons why you need to master them. Here is a guide for you to master the Facebook video marketing and how to increase your results, reach and revenue as well for sure using the Facebook video ads.

Just in case you weren’t aware, Facebook focuses on a Video first approach first for the platform, ultimately competing with the different streaming television spaces alongside of Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and a lot more.

So, savvy marketers need to make sure that they are establishing their video content marketing strategy and video ad strategy for sure If you want to create a video for your video marketing you could visit vidsaga . Here are some of the handpicked tips for you.

facebook video marketing

How to reach more audience with Facebook Video Marketing

Keep Videos Simple


When it comes to the online videos, the attention span is depleting. You can expect to capture the attention of audience within the first 10 seconds. The introduction of Autoplay means that people would have a longer attention span for your ad.

Try to keep your videos short and sweet. One misconception is that video quality is a huge barrier to production of good Facebook Video ads. This shouldn’t deter you at all. Rather, understanding what kind of content is on Facebook should actually encourage you to create your own. If you ad is on somebody’s newsfeed, it is sure to stand out even if it is not of top quality.


Think like a screenwriter


Even though the Facebook video promotes your brand and product, it shouldn’t feel like that to your audience. Great video ads usually –

  • Engage from the first frame
  • Are entertaining
  • Are authentic
  • Play on Emotion
  • Are useful
  • Are relatable

Facebook videos are an incredible medium for storytelling, so use it wisely. Storytelling makes your business more memorable and seems trustworthy to new customers.


Plan for Your Video Ad To Be Played Without Sound


Since the Facebook video ads are shown on autoplay on both Facebook and Instagram, you need to know that your videos would start playing with no sound because a user scrolls past. Not only does this means that you can’t use the sound to catch the attention, but it also means that users might not enable sound to play it at all.

When it comes to Facebook ads, 85% of ads are played without sound. This suggests that you need to plan ahead and need to know that your video would be plated in its entirety. Try to add captions as an alternative and try to make it visually beautiful to attract people.


Always Include a Text CTA


You always want the people to act. You want all of them to fill out a lead form or even to head to your site to subscribe and engage in your content or to even make purchases. Go ahead and tell them what exactly they need to do in the video and its description.

The visual of your CTA can always make a difference in the number of the viewers who actually convert. If they go to the end of the video, then they are interested in what you have to say. Don’t waste this kind of opportunity.

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