GTA 5 Data File Download For Android & Windows 2020

Grand theft auto is one of the most popular games all the time that was a design and published by the GTA team in 2013. But it comes more popular because it is also available on android phones so the user can easily play it anytime at any place. GTA Data File is a great and important part of this game which was released just in the past with the latest version. It is mostly about gangster game games. It is very popular among all the age of game lovers. It is free of cost game so gamer has no requirement to pay for play this game. So if you want to know more about GTA 5 data file then read this article carefully and follow the instructions that are so easy. 

Features of GTA 5 Data File

Here, I have added some of the amazing features of the GTA 5 Data File. You can know more information about this game at

  • Extra Fast: GTA 5 is a fast working game so use it with no efforts of loading.
  • Multiplayer Support: It provides multiplayer support to their user so can also play it with your friends.
  • Easy MOOD: Many moods also available in this game so it east to use all the moods.
  • VR mode: VR Mode is also a popular mood in the game.
  • Load and save: You can also resume the game by saving it for next time.
  • Cheats codes support: Many Cheat Codes also available in this game which helped their users to complete the missions.
  • Great Sound Control: It is also a good sound game that more entertaining the user during the game but it can be changed.
  • High-quality graphics: It consists of High Graphics so it is a clear and high-resolution game for the user.
  • Bug Fixed: It also fixed all bugs automatically during the game.
  • Security: This game is so secured for users without any hacking issue.
  • Varieties of game: It also allows connecting this game with others for more fun.
  • Carss and clothes customization: You can easily change all the settings of cars and clothes that all are free to use.
  • Fast Loading: GTA 5 is a fast-loading game so you don’t worry about any type of loading.
  • Different Missions: Different Missions are available in this game so users can get more fun.
  • Game Map: It provides a full map of the game for fun and to complete all the missions.
  • Easy to Handle: GTA 5 data is a user-friendly game as it can be handled easily.

Requirements to download 

  • 1 Core (1.2) GHz CPU
  • 1 GB of Ram
  • 3.5 GB of Storage
  • 256 MB GPU
  • Touch Screen
  • Minimum Display
  • Internet Connection

How to Download GTA 5 File?

  • Click to below link or type in browser “GTA 5 data file”
  • Open the official website and click on the download
  • You can also download it in play store 
  • After download completed Extract the files
  • Go to device setting and allow unknown sources
  • After done settings click on GTA 5
  • After opening there are different settings as your needs.
  • Click on save and play the game instantly

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