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The reseller hosting is making the buzz in the website hosting market from sometimes now. Therefore, with the emerging technology in 2021, the companies like Host4Geeks are helping businesses and individual bloggers or even established organizations to easily and effortlessly begin their own web hosting business without needing to set up an expensive data center, purchase and maintain web servers and related pieces of equipment, and appoint technical experts to work round the clock, apart from managing the various other aspects of a huge and complicated business.

Host4Geeks Reviews

The foremost reason to choose reseller hosting packages is that the established web hosting company from whom you purchase a reseller hosting account or package already takes care of professional and technical tasks, a reseller is left to do minor hosting related tasks for his clients and rest will be handled by the hosting provider.

How can you start your reseller hosting journey?

Either you simply interested in the process of web hosting and want to start your own company. No matter what the reason is behind you wanting to run a web hosting company, you must be aware of how to start the process of buying a reseller plan for your business. 

These easy to follow steps will guide you through your journey of purchasing web hosting services with ease. The steps are here:

  • Firstly, you need to know about how many customers you want to add initially before setting up a company and starting a reseller hosting plans. This estimation may help you to determine the package that you must choose.
  • Make sure to clarify the different sizes and types of packages that you will offer your customers
  • Once you purchase your reseller hosting package, you should fix the price that customers have to pay for availing of your packages or the amount that the existing customers have to add.
  • Do not forget to compare among different Reseller Hosting Plans so that you can get an estimated idea which is best suited for your requirements and also your decided budget.
  • Make sure to get the information and instruction from the parent company, for instance, their reviews on different hosting portals, customer support, also do they have instant chat support for the emergency so that you can set up your packages seamlessly
  • As soon as you are done with setting up, start marketing campaigns and add new customers, Also, make sure to provide support to your customers so that your business starts to grow

Ultimately, Sign the contract only for the reseller package that will cater to your needs perfectly.

Host4Geeks is the one stop shop for reseller hosting packages

When it comes to choosing a package that perfectly match with your requirement the name of Host4Geeks come first in the list

Host4Geeks is a preferred choice among those looking for affordable reseller hosting packages. The company’s reseller plans are designed to provide customers the opportunity to run their own online hosting business at a low cost.

If you are planning to start your hosting business and you are running on a low budget, then Host4Geeks’s cheap reseller plans are best for you. The features of these packages vary as per price structure. 

Have a look:

Additionally, if you want to enjoy all the prominent features offered by Host4Geeks you can opt for the feature-packed Reseller Hosting plans.

This hosting package comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Benefits of choosing Host4Geeks’s Reseller hosting

No Technical Hustle

The topmost benefit of opting Host4Geeks’s reseller services is that you do not have to maintain and manage your own server. The technical team on your behalf will run your services, so you do not have to worry about the issues related to hardware and software setup and its maintenance.

Free SSL Certificates

In the era where online data breach and theft have become very common, website security is indeed an utmost priority of every website holder. Keeping that in mind, Host4Geeks’s reseller hosting plans come with an unlimited number of SSL Certificates. You can secure your own website, offer free SSL to your clients to increase your credibility, and have a competitive edge in the market.

Unlimited Bandwidth

All reseller plans of Host4Geeks include Free SSL certification, Unlimited bandwidth, FTP accounts, cPanel reseller hosting, multiple languages, and free spam protection. In some plans, you may also avail the benefits of free email forwarding, free autoresponders, and free webmail interface which vary from plan to plan.

Excellent Customer Support

Host4Geeks offers excellent support to its customers. Resellers would have access to online video tutorials where they can know about any technical issue that comes their way while accessing c-panel or anything else, automated helpdesk, live chat support, toll-free phone support, and 24/7 live chat service. 


When your business will grow, you will indeed think to upgrade the existing plan as well. Host4Geeks’s reseller plans offer one-click upgrades and downgrades as per your personal preferences. You do not need to migrate servers or change your DNS settings from the server.

Their customer base is the most satisfied one in the market. The majority of the customer happily associated with them for years and a section of the people regularly opting for their services either on the recommendation of their friends or by reading the authentic review of the client on various credible sources like Trustpilot, Hostadvice or Website Planet.

Affiliate Commission

One of the greatest advantages of opting Host4Geeks’s service is you can earn money by recommending your peers for their services. By keeping their customer efforts and needs in mind  Host4Geeks offer up to 40 percent commission per sale with additional bonuses as per their guidelines. Within a 45 days circle, they credit all the commissioned money in your account.

Here are few of the reviews about Host4Geeks’s Reseller Hosting:

host4geeks review

host4geeks review

Final Words

If having an inexpensive reseller hosting company is your priority, then Host4Geeks might be what you need. Their reseller plans make it easy to set up and manage accounts for your customers. The company is famous for its excellent service and has a renowned reputation in the marketplace.

Host4geeks offers different reseller plans with plenty of features to suit your needs. If you are looking for affordable web hosting, this company might be a good start. Keeping the current market scenario in mind, the company offers cheap reseller website hosting services to its clients so that they can start their reseller business with ease and keep their clients satisfied.

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