How to login router admin page? is the private IP address that matches a particular IP range booked from IANA(internet assigned number authority) for a specific purpose.

As per news IANA has received many special address blocks for the next generation of IPv6 addresses. 

Today we are going to setup  router admin page. To access the default gateway .There are few pre-request. 

  1. A system which is connected to the home WiFi.
  2. A system  where you can access the browser. 
  3. Need the exact login IP address of your Router. 

Before going to login step you must need to know the exact login IP address of your router. We can find this by two steps.

1.By using command prompt. using network connection. 

  1. Using Command prompt.
  • Open cmd
  • Enter “ipconfig” and press. 
  • Some number is there on the default gateway section. 
  • The number indicates the exact login IP address. 
  1. Using Network Connection. 
  • Right click on network connection icon on the desktop and click on the Open network and the sharing center
  •  A window will be prompt in that look for connection and select the network name
  • A window will be prompt with the name wireless network connection status
  •  In that click on the detail button.
  • Again a window will prompt with the network connection details
  • In that look for IPv4 default gateway 
  • It Indicates the exact login IP address.

Key point:- Note this default IP address somewhere it helps you to follow the next steps.  

Login router admin page 

Steps 1:- 

  • Open the browser.
  • You need to enter the default IP address in the search bar. If your router has this specific IP  address you will get to see the login page. 

Step 2:- 

  • Enter the user name and password. 
  • If you have just purchase  a new router then you must have the username and password and even IP address printed there. The credentials are usually written on the box of the router. 

Read this to find out each and every details admin login IP and password. 

Step 3:-

  • Change the SSID. We recommend you to change the SSID which is the name of the network visible to others in your private radar. 


Step 4:-

  • Change the default user name and password. It may be a private IP address but you need to always ensure you make your connection secure by changing the default credentials. 

Forget IP address, username and password.

Step 1:-

  • If you have never changed the default username and password you can check at the back of your router or find it on the instruction book of your router. 

Step 2:-

  • If you have already changed the default username and password then you need to reset the router so that you can use the default credentials again.

Reset The Router – 

  • to Reset the wireless Router Please plug the Router back to power Outlet.
  • Locate the Reset key at the back or bottom of your wifi router & ready to be reset 
  • Use a Tiny paperclip or Pen to Press & hold the Reset key for net 20 seconds till you see all lights flashing 
  • Restart the Router & wait for it to Boot up 
  • Now your Router is reset & ready to be configured.   

To Learn More About Router Login Please Visit to Know all About How to Login Any Wireless Router to change settings 

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