How to Track Your Employees Distantly In Lockdown?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the employers of business organizations to work from home to save their employee’s lives. On the other hand, employers are very conscious to knowing about the activities, productivity and data sharing activities of employees in working hours while working remotely on business devices.

On the other hand, employers have doubts on their employees to work for someone else during the lockdown period in working hours. To get rid of all the concerns employers have about their employees working remotely, they can use employee monitoring software to track employees distantly in lockdown.

What is the employee tracking app?

It is an application that you can install on digital devices like phones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices. You can get access to the employee monitoring software web portal where you can get your hands on the most advance and powerful surveillance tools to know every activity employees are doing on a business owned device.

You can use the online portal and use features, screen recorder, call recorder, screenshots, keystrokes logging, social media monitoring, and GPS tracking. Furthermore, users can use surround recording, website blocking, Geo-location, view installed apps, camera bug, and MIC bug. All these features are functional on the cellphones, and laptops, and desktop computer devices.

You can install it on the target devices having physical access on the target device because you cannot install it on the target cellphone or PC remotely. You can easily complete its setup on the target device and use the features to upload the information on the target device. For more details, users can do live chat customer care center.


The android phone spy app is compatible with Android cellphones and tablets and you can use it on PCs and computer devices. Users can use it on cellphone devices running up to OS version 10 and on all the contemporary OS of computer devices running with MAC and windows.

How to install employee monitoring software for android phones?


If you are looking forward to tracking someone’s cellphone, or computer devices, then you need to have tracking software for employees. You can get your hands on it by visiting the webpage of TheOneSpy employee monitoring software. Once you are on the webpage then get the subscription online. In response, you will receive an email that empowers you to get the credentials via login to your email account. Now you can get physical access on the target device and get started with the process of installation. Now, further complete the process of activation and use the password and ID and get access to the online web control panel where you can use or activate all the features to get the job done. Let’s get to know about all the features to monitor phones, PCs, and computer devices with employee monitoring app.

Use Employee tracking Features for phone to track your employees

Live screen recording

Users can remotely activate the screen recorder software and it will empower you to record back to back short videos of the screen and send it to the web portal. You can watch all the recorded videos on the phone screen.

Social media messenger tracking

Users can remotely get access to the target cellphone device installed on social messaging apps. You can use a social media messenger tracking app and get the logs of instant messaging apps like messages, chat, audio-video calls, and voice messages, and shared media like photos and videos.

Call recording

Users can record live phone calls incoming and outgoing using secret call recording software and save data on the web.


Users can get the captured keystrokes on cellphone devices of employees such as messages, messenger, password, and email keystrokes.

Remote monitoring

Users can block the internet, messages, and incoming calls on the target device remotely with the remote employee monitoring tools.

Use Employee monitoring Features for windows & MAC to monitor employees

Block websites

Users can block all the time-wasting and inappropriate websites on windows & MAC devices of employees in working hours.

Surround recording/ MIC bug/ camera bug

Users can remotely control MIC, and camera of windows laptop devices of employees using surround recorder software.


Users can remotely capture screenshots of windows and MAC laptop desktop devices and send them to the online web portal.


Users can remotely capture all the keystrokes applied to the target device using keystrokes logging software. You can get the keystrokes like password, messenger, messages the keystrokes applied on email.


TheOneSpy employee monitoring software is the best tool in the business that empowers you to track employees distantly in lockdown.

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