How To Use A Pour Over Coffee Maker?

If you love crafting a caffeinated cup of coffee and value the control and consistency of your beverage, then pour over coffee may be for you. This brewing style puts you in charge of your creation and is super customizable. If you’ve never brewed this way before, here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to start your cup of coffee.

1. Grind your beans.

This is probably the most important step in relation to the final product. Make sure you grind your beans to a consistency that’s best suited for what you’re brewing. Here’s a guide on how your bean’s texture affects your finished product.

2. Gather your water to coffee ratio.

This is a trial and error step that will let you figure out how much water you like in relation to coffee. The balance dictates the intensity versus dilution of your cup of coffee.

3. Warm up the water.

Get your water as hot as possible when brewing a pour over. This will ensure your coffee dissolves to its best consistency.

4. Get your coffee grounds wet.

Think of this as yeast for your beans. It’s the first contact the beans have with water and helps them expand. Don’t rush this step. You’re not actually brewing anything yet, just starting the process. This will take about 30 seconds depending on how fast you pour.

5. Continue pouring the water.

Keep pouring water over the grounds and watch the magic happen. What seeps out of the beans is your soon-to-be coffee delicacy.

6. Test out your creation.

This is the best part because you get to taste what you made. While there’s a lot of success and failure in brewing the perfect cup, you can change, adapt and update these steps as you go.

It’s a good feeling to say you’ve produced something from scratch, and making your coffee that way gives you the freedom and flexibility to create something that’s uniquely yours.

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