Looking for a running partner or a dance partner near you? This hyperlocal startup helps you find them

Are you a fitness enthusiast and looking for a running partner near you? Were you a dancer in college wanting to get back to dancing now and looking for a dance partner near you? You don’t have to look more. IamHere is a hyperlocal startup that fulfills all your neighbourhood needs. It helps you find people near you based on your hobbies, passion and interests. Tell the world who you are and make some new friends in your neighborhood. 

IamHere is a digital platform that allows socio-business association and connects people of similar interest from nearby locations. It establishes a community of like-minded people sharing common businesses or professions and enables them to help each other socio-professionally.


Accessibility and availability both go hand in hand. If you are looking to learn guitar but a guitarist lives very far from your place, you won’t be able to take up the guitar classes. You would rather prefer to choose someone in your vicinity. On IamHere, you find people near you. Once you find them, you can chat with them and get connected. Maybe there is a guitarist right next door!

The platform will enable hobbyists and professionals from a local area to connect with each other – could be guitarists, magicians, tennis players.  Irrespective of your passion or hobby, the app lets you find more people with the same interests, and you can connect to them merely by a click, with complete privacy. The app is available free of cost on Play Store. 

Still, unsure? Download the IamHere app from Play Store. Register and create your Avatar (profile), and the map will start showing up people in your neighborhood according to your preferences. Tap on a profile and make a connection instantly. You can connect through chats, stories, or calls. You can even create or join events through the app. The application is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. 

IamHere is a reliable and easy to use application. The app is safe to use as well as it does not make your information public unless you choose to. You can discover the world around you based on your interests. You can connect with as many people as you like, anytime, anywhere. 

Hey guys, I am Aman Singh Bhadouriya. I'm a student of Btech 3rd year and a part-time Blogger who loves writing about Technology and Digital Marketing. I have created Ezad Tech to share my knowledge with others.

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