Is it Good to Buy Refurbished Laptops?

What is more important than the above question? It is this- Where to buy a refurbished laptop from? A refurbished laptop is not an alien idea. In fact, some of the best deals are refurbished laptops from relatives, elder cousins and so on. When you know that this laptop has been used thoroughly, you’re sure it is going to work well. The problem occurs when you buy a completely new laptop and anything happens with it, is entirely your responsibility. Some of the best-refurbished laptops can be found to be best for your work.


You can change the keyboard and it is good to go. Most wear and tear is received by the keys when they look used. But, most laptops within a year of use are still good. However, it is not for all to find refurbished laptops from known contacts, and that is where you have the managed third-party sellers.

What is a Refurbished Laptop?

The word “refurbished” grew to popularity by the likes of eBay where you can purchase used second-hand products at a much lower cost. These are available with original accessories, warranty and packaging as well. Many people purchase products for the sake of display, review, or quickly move to the next best product in a matter of a year or two, and sell their old product.

While this laptop may not be preferred by those who have money, it might be the right one for many who cannot afford completely new models. This is where you can turn to “laptops like new” that have been restored to new looks, checked and verified, and repackaged for resale.

  • A refurbished laptop is a second-hand laptop.
  • It is not a defective laptop or laptop with a malfunction.
  • It is a way to clear stocks at the time at as well or giveaway brand new products that had never been used.

Are these Refurbished Laptops Useful?

A refurbished laptop can be worth spending the money, but whether you should go for one depends on several factors. The prime one is the price factor. Overpriced products are always a headache in the tech industry. A Razer product is usually steep in price but really well-made. While a cheap Dell product can be found refurbished but may not be something of your interest. It might be of use in a different setting altogether.

  • First, if the refurbished laptop doesn’t come with a huge discount over the current price of the model, it isn’t worth it.
  • Second, if the refurbished laptop is not certified, it isn’t worth risking the money.
  • Third, checking with other brands is important. For example, a refurbished laptop on Amazon may come at a lower price but another similarly spaced product from another brand might be new and the same cost.

When it comes to finding out if it is worth the money, always try to think of what you are getting in return and if there is an alternative to this deal? Just because a refurbished laptop comes with a huge price drop may not mean, it is a good deal. At the time of purchase, you must consider the whole market as a whole. Some premium laptops will be available at a lower cost but their specs will still be lower than a brand new laptop at that time.

Where to Find a Good One?

What is more important than the above question is this – who is selling it? You cannot always find a relative or cousin who is always frank about every aspect of the deal. In most cases, it is easy to get scammed and you can lose your money. This is actually the biggest deterrent for buyers who would go for a new laptop then find a refurbished one. Some of the best refurbished laptops can be found online from Amazon, but there are also dedicated stores.

There are stores that upgrade, customize laptops, repair them, make them like new, even better, and sell for a much lower cost compared to the original model. It is easy to put things together but difficult to make them work, so finding a good place is more important. Anything that is too good to be true must always be avoided. A refurbished laptop from eBay or Amazon will have much more protection or security. At least there is some sort of verification process. Amazon, for example, has a lenient 30-days “return policy” which you should check with the specific product though, which is a good thing.

Always take notice of two things,

  • First, sellers who claim clearly that their laptop is certified refurbished.
  • Second, they will honor the warranty and offer return and refund policy without hassle.

Some Trusted Sellers for Best Refurbished Laptops

Apart from eBay and Amazon, you can have the local computer stores that you know of. Online, you can check with Newegg, and then there are eBay terms like “Manufactured Refurbished” which you can search and filter to show products refurbished by the manufacturer themselves. These types of checks are most important when it comes to doing your own verification and checks before purchasing a product. A refurbished product is most often a used product that is not faulty. It is cleaned and made like new. Faulty products are rejected, but in some cases, people are in doubt. While new products can also have faults, the sound of something new psychologically appeals to customers more than used products.


The used products seem a risk as it is thought that it was sold because of some problems that might be hidden even from the certifier. While such concerns are true and can be possible, the huge discounts with which you can purchase them are a lucrative offer to give it a try. If there is an issue, you can call for a return or refund. The best refurbished laptops are those that are purchased with warranty and security from certified sellers. There is trust and you can find a good deal at a much lower cost. In fact, most of the time buying a high-end product at the launch price is not a wise decision.

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