5 Latest Features of WhatsApp You Must Know in 2020

In today’s time, WhatsApp is definitely the biggest mobile messaging platform. WhatsApp owned by Facebook has over billions of installations across devices. And there are billions of people who are using the app.

Whatsapp as an app is also improving itself a lot. There are so many features that the platform has added over the years. And there are a bunch of new features that WhatsApp has recently added to their app.

In this article, I  am going to talk about the 5 Latest Features of WhatsApp that you must know. So here we go:

Features of WhatsApp in 2020

Features of WhatsApp in 2020

5 Latest Features of WhatsApp You Must Know

1. Group invite with better control:

Recently WhatsApp made a small change that went unnoticeable to many users out there. The change might be a small one, but it is pretty effective. Whatsapp has replaced the Nobody option with My Contact Expect, which offers better control to users over who add them to groups.

People added to this option will be required to send a group invite via personal chat. And the users will have three days to accept or decline the invite.

2. Dark Mode:

There is no doubt that dark mode is getting hugely popular these days. And WhatsApp has been working on the much-awaited dark mode feature. The feature is yet to come on WhatsApp, though. And by using this feature, you will be able to enable dark mode on WhatsApp. As well as it is said that the dark mode will also lower down the battery drainage percentage. But your phone must have an OLED display.

3. Netflix in PiP mode:

WhatsApp also introduced the Netflix in Pip mode feature. However, the feature is only available for beta users on the iOS platform. The feature was launched earlier last year. But it did not support Netflix buttons. However, it worked well with YouTube videos. And now Netflix video is also supported, and the feature is yet to arrive on Android.

4. Fingerprint lock: 

Nowadays, most of the Android devices have a fingerprint lock. And WhatsApp launched the FaceID lock and fingerprint lock feature for the iOS users earlier last year. However, the feature wasn’t available on the Android platform, but now you can use it on your Android device only. The feature ensures that you are getting better privacy on the app when your phone is left unattended. As well as there are other security features are also introduced. Like, they already had the WhatsApp DP with the privacy feature. 

5. Boomerang feature for iOS:

If you like to share stories on WhatsApp, then you will definitely enjoy the Boomerang feature. This is the same feature that we get to see on Instagram. And with this feature, you will be able to create Gifs for less than seven seconds. However, the feature is only available for iOS devices as of now.

Final Words:

So those were the 5 Latest Features of WhatsApp You Must Know. Now go ahead and check out these features and see which one you like the most. Also, for any questions, do comment below.

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