30+ Best LimeTorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites 2022 (100% Active)

Torrents always kept helping us as we can find and download our desired content easily. Looking for LimeTorrents Proxy Sites that are working in 2022? If yes then this article will be surely helpful to you. Through this article, I’ll be sharing a list of LimeTorrent mirror sites that can help you to access your favorite torrent without using VPN. So, without wasting much time, let’s move forward to the topic.

Those who were using the LimeTorrents might be already knowing how amazing the website is. Yeah, it helps us a lot in case we don’t want to waste our time searching for any content. Especially for those who love watching movies, use this platform in order to download their desired movies for free. Not only that, you can find various content like software, paid games, music, videos and so on. But the saddest part is that this platform is not available in many regions.

Who doesn’t love downloading movies and contents online for free? I guess you are not one of those people. There is no doubt that almost every movie lover still looks for the best ways to find their desired movie online without paying a single penny. At the same time, people also don’t want to miss any chance to get high-quality content like Ultra-HD Movies. To fulfill these desires, we have many torrent sites like LimeTorrents which offer a great collection of Free Movies, Videos as well as Softwares and Games too. Well, if you are not familiar with the Torrents, let me give a brief explanation about it. Well, have a look at the best trimmer under 1000 for men for personal grooming.

What are Torrents?

Torrent is a short term of BitTorrent and it is one of the ways to transfer the files over the Internet. It works on Peer-to-Peer technology which allows the users to access and share the data without using any P2P (peer-to-peer) software. Over the Torrents, everyone can share and upload the contents without any prior permission. On the other hand, one can easily download the contents from torrents without any further issues. Torrents are a large index of the file where almost every type of file including movies, videos, audio, documents, software etc; are available for public downloads.

limetorrents proxy

LimeTorrents 2022

LimeTorrents is one of the most popular torrents where you can find your desired content very easily. This platform provides the content earlier than others as it is the most popular torrent website. But sadly Lime Torrents are banned in many countries and you can’t access them directly. But don’t be upset my friend, I will share the  LimeTorrent Proxy using which you can access your favourite torrent site without any further restrictions. You can also watch movies at restricted places such as schools and college hostels which is another great advantage of using Proxy.

Why LimeTorrents isn’t working?

There are many users reporting that LimeTorrent is not working from their side. So, let me tell you that the website has been banned by the Government of many regions. That’s the reason you are not able to access this platform on your device. The reason behind its ban is piracy and sharing the copyrighted material without authorization.

There are many productions and authorities claimed the copyrighted material available on the platform. That’s the reason the government has advised ISP (Internet Service Provider) to ban these torrents. Also, check out this tech trick

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LimeTorrents Proxy 2022

LimeTorrents Proxy is hosted on the servers of the regions where this torrent platform is still accessible. These sites have cloaked with the official website, so you can access each and everything of the official LimeTorrent.cc website. Let’s have a look at the LimeTorrent Mirrors which will surely help you to Unblock Lime Torrents without using any software or tools.

LimeTorrent Proxy/Mirror Sites Status Speed
Freeproxy.io Online Very Fast
Sitenable.ch Online Very Fast
Sitenable.top Online Very Fast
Filesdownloader.com Online Very Fast
Freeanimesonline.com Online Very Fast
Siteget.net Online Very Fast
Sitenable.co Online Very Fast
Sitenable.pw Online Very Fast
Sitenable.info Online Very Fast
Limetorrents.co Online Very Fast
Limetorrents.info Online Very Fast
Limetor.com Online Very Fast
Limetorrents.unblocked.vet Online Very Fast
Btdigg.in/limetorrents/ Online Very Fast
Limetorrents.io Online Very Fast
Limetorrents.mrunlock.xyz Online Very Fast
Limetorrents.mrunlock.faith Online Very Fast
LimeTorrents Proxy Site Online Very Fast
Limetorrents.torrentz2.loan Online Very Fast
Limetorrents.megafiletube.pw Online Very Fast

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How to Unblock LimeTorrents using a VPN?

LimeTorrents can be easily unblocked using the proxy sites that are shared above. All you need is simply open any one of the URLs that are shared with you. These sites will redirect you to the Limetorrent website.

In case you find it uncomfortable using the above proxies, here is an alternate solution for you. Just follow the steps given below in order to access this platform using a VPN. But before that, let me tell you What is a VPN and its working process.

LimeTorrent Unblocked

LimeTorrent Unblocked 2022

A VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it extends a private network across public networks. It connects you with the servers of different regions. So, you will be able to unblock Limetorrents using a VPN by connecting to the servers of the regions where it is still accessible.

To unlock LimeTorrents using a VPN, simply follow the basic steps given below:

Step 1: First of all, download a VPN to your computer or smartphone.

Step 2: Now, install the VPN program and register to your account. You can try any FREE VPN for performing the task first time.

Step 3: Connect to any server and minimize the VPN program.

That’s all. Once the VPN gets connected, open the LimeTorrents official website in your browser. Congratulations! You have now successfully unblocked LimeTorrent.

Why LimeTorrent is Banned?

You might be questioning “Why LimeTorrents is banned in many countries”, right? Actually, Every torrenting platform also contains many copyright contents and sometimes you can also find the movies before the release date. That’s the reason, to stop the Piracy, the government of many countries has taken steps forward to ban LimeTorrent.

Best LimeTorrent Alternatives of 2022

1. The Pirate Bay

the pirate bay

If you’re looking for one of the most reliable and best alternatives of LimeTorrents then this Pirate Bay is the best option for you. This platform will provide a wide range of torrents file on movies, games, books, and many other entertainment sources. This website is recommended as one of the leading torrent platforms over the internet. Well, it is also true that this website doesn’t provide any meta link to its users but the rest of everything is perfect. The Pirate Bay is a free platform that is highly reputed and easily accessible.

2. Yify Torrents

yify torrent

Yify torrent is one of the most reliable and famous torrent platforms to download online movies in the best quality. This platform is famous for its large collection of torrent files. Well, it attains a large collection of torrent files on movies only so you can not access other entertainment sources like games, music, etc. In Yify torrent you’ll always get the best and most updated content. So, if you’re a movie lover then you’ll never get a better option than this. This website is provided high-definition and 3D picture quality at no cost. It is an easy to use platform which attains a simple and attractive interface.

3. 1337x


This is our next best alternative platform for LimeTorrents. This platform attains a dedicated search engine for finding quick results. It provides high-quality content of games, movies, TV shows, software, cartoons, and many others. The performance of the UI of this platform is the key feature of it. The interface of this platform is easy to understand and easy to operate. You can also access a large variety of adult torrent files and adult content on this platform. This platform provides its service at no cost. So, you can easily access the global content in a single platform with 1337X. Check out the working 1337x Proxy in order to access this platform.

4. Torrents.io

This platform is not only the best alternative of Limetorrents but it is better than limetorrents. This platform acts as an aggregator between the users and the torrent platforms. It provides all the content of the torrent platforms in one place so the user can easily get the required content here. You can also access adults on this platform. This platform provides worldwide content at no cost. You can easily understand the interface of this website. This platform is also famous with the name of the torrent jungle.


This platform was firstly introduced in 2008. This torrent platform is also counted as one of the oldest and most reliable torrents platforms. RRRBG obtains both torrent files and magnet links which allows the users to access peer-to-peer sharing of files easily. You can enjoy lots of entertainment stuff like movies, games, software, ebook, and many others in it. The UI of this platform is simple and reliable which is easy to navigate. Well, you may have to face plenty of ads while accessing something on this platform. This is the only drawback of this site but still, it is widely recognized, and lots of people use this website around the world.

Final Words:

There were the working LimeTorrents Proxy Sites 2022 which I have shared with you. All the mentioned mirror sites are tested by me and you can Unblock LimeTorrent with the help of them. Enjoy and let us know your valuable feedback in the comments. Stay tuned to our site for more updates.

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