Modern robots and what you should know

A robot is a machine that’s programmed to perform tasks with minimal to no help from humans. They can work more accurately, faster and can as well perform multiple tasks at a time. In manufacturing, robots make the process more efficient, reducing manufacturing costs, and consequently making the price of goods cheaper.

There are many types of robots in the market today designed to perform unique functions. Let’s look at the major robots that are in use.

  • Humanoids. These are robots designed to look like people. They are the standard type that comes into mind when people mention robots. Examples include Honda’s Asimo and Geminoid series.
  • Industrial. These types of robots consist of a manipulative arm designed to perform repetitive tasks. It includes systems like Amazon’s warehouse robots. Collaborative factory robots operate alongside human workers.
  • Education. They are used mainly at home and in schools. It includes programmable sets from Lego, 3D printers, which have lesson plans.
  • Entertainment.  These are the types of robots designed to create an emotional response to make you laugh, be surprised, or feel afraid. The comedian RoboThespian is viral as well as RoboSophia.
  • Surveillance. This category of robots operates in space where humans cannot access. Examples are The Mars rovers and NASA’s Robanaut
  • Consumer. These robots can be used at home to help with your daily tasks. Examples include robot dogs, Albo, Al-powered robot-vacuum, and a variety of toys.
  • Disaster response. These types of robots are for performing tasks after disasters. An example is searching for survivors after accidents such as earthquakes and when a building collapses. Jackboots were used to inspect damages caused at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station.
  • Exoskeletons. They are for physical rehabilitation that enables patients with spinal injuries to walk, stand up and go upstairs as they provide powered knee and hip motions.
  • Telepresence. These robots represent you to be at places where you cannot be. They allow workers to collaborate with colleagues at distant offices. Teachers can use it in checking up on students, and doctors can check on their patients using this type of robot.
  • Military and security. They are used for surveillance and detecting improvised explosive devices and other harmful security threats. They are also designed to assist troops who carry heavy gear. Examples are the Endeavor Robotics, Pack Bot, used in Afghanistan and Iraq. Combats are security robots that have an automobile system.

Benefits of modern robots 

  • Since they are computerized, they can work tirelessly.
  • They can perform dangerous tasks that may be harmful to human beings, allowing all work types.
  • They can work in hazardous and toxic environments with chemicals, poor lighting, and areas with restricted oxygen.
  • They can lift and transport heavy loads without sustaining injuries even after a lot of hard work.

Robots are the ideal alternative for human labor in the day to daily life. In the future, they are likely to render many people jobless because they can take multiple roles. At Robotics Manufacturing Company, you will get a wide variety of robots to suit your needs. Engage robots today to get your work done quickly and safely without experiencing any inconveniences.

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