Most Common Types of Damage to a MacBook

MacBooks are great devices to have until they stop working right due to damage. The following are some of the most common types of damage that MacBook owners face, and steps you can take to prevent them.


Spills are one of the leading causes of damage to a MacBook. This can include anything from a glass of water to soda or your favorite beverage that you picked up at Starbucks. Regardless of the type of liquid, a spill can quickly and easily put your laptop out of commission.

Should you spill anything on your Macbook in either small or large quantities, turn it off as quickly as possible. Do not plug it in at all until you have had an expert assess the MacBook water damage. Often, the damage can be fixed without having to replace your laptop. However, there are times when that’s not the case, so be careful with liquids in the vicinity of your MacBook.


MacBooks can be powerful workhouses, but they can also be incredibly fragile. If your laptop bag falls off of your shoulder and hits the floor or you accidentally trip going up the stairs, your screen, trackpad, and everything else can be damaged.

You cannot foresee every potential slip or drop, but there are a couple of ways to reduce their chances, such as:

  • Keep the strap of your laptop bag tightened or wear your bag as a crossover bag. You might also consider switching to a backpack made for laptops.
  • Be sure that your bag is padded well. If it’s not, either choose a new bag or add some additional padding to your current one.
  • When you take your bag off, do so gently.
  • Do not leave your laptop bag on the floor where someone could easily step on it or trip over it.
  • Keep your workspace clear and free of anything that might fall over onto your MacBook.


Dust, pet hair, and similar items floating around in the air can interfere with your MacBook. It can cause the built-in fan to have to work double-time, which will heat up the laptop.

Make it a regular habit to check the fan area and dust your computer. You should also be sure that you are dusting and vacuuming your home and office consistently to ensure there is no buildup of such items.


Sunlight is incredibly healthy for the body – not so much for a MacBook. If the sun if hitting your laptop, it will heat up. As with the dust, this will cause the fan to work harder than it should, which then overheats the laptop. Unsurprisingly, this can cause the MacBook to shut down – either temporarily or permanently.

The best way to prevent this is to ensure that your MacBook is not in direct sunlight. If your office is by a window, this might require putting up a screen or pulling the shades at certain times of day.

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