NetBase Tips on How KPI Metrics can Help You Match Business Goals to Social Media Analytics Metrics 

It’s arguably true that not everything can get measured on social media platforms or in all social media business campaigns or promotions. But some social media metrics can get connected to some of your business goals. It’s the dream of every business to start an online marketing campaign that has some significance in reaching the set business goals.

What are Some of the Set Social Media Business Goals?

Why do you plan to use social media in your online marketing strategy? An answer to these questions will show you that all social media promotion and marketing strategy have goals aimed at boosting the business. Some of the common goals include:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Acquiring more potential leads and loyal brand advocates
  • Initiating conversations and interactions with and among clients
  • Improving consumer support
  • Creating a survey or research
  • Get R&D ideas for product or service development or improvement
  • Growing referral traffic by back-linking

Business Goals and How to Match them with the Relevant KPI Metrics

There are many KPI metrics to consider when pursuing your business goals and analyzing your success in achieving the set goals. Advanced social media analytics services from companies such as NetBase continue increasing the depth and breadth of insights and metrics in this area. But depending on your budget and timeline, there are only a few metrics that could match each of your goals. Here is a sample of some goals and the matching KPI metrics from social media analytics.

Brand Awareness Improvement

Brand awareness denotes the extent to which prospective customers know about the image and qualities of a specific brand. In your social media campaign, any online user interaction with your content or post is often an indicator that they’ve gotten some information that has increased their awareness on what you’ve got to offer. Any of the following interactions are ideal metrics that will show you that you’re reaching your business goal of creating brand awareness. These metrics include shares, likes, following, mentions, inbound links, ratings, comments, and user content and posts.


Consumers like a company that is active and capable of answering consumer questions while engaging the clients in discussions about their preferences. Being in touch with consumers gives you feedback, which can enable you to make product improvements and even research and development aimed at meeting specific consumer needs. Rich content and humorous approach may attract and keep your prospective consumers engaged. KPI metrics that show you’re getting it right in engaging your consumers include post replies, retweets, mentions, comments, and sharing.

Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty gives a company long-term success because it makes regular sales to its fan base. To determine how many loyal consumers follow, you can track the following metrics on social media: comments on posts, numbers of followers, number of interactions, and tagged photos.

Growth of Leads and Click-Through-Rates

Social media platforms can’t show enough details about the company of your offers. But your business can create links on your posts and content on social media to link your audience to your site where they’ll get more information and perhaps make a purchase. Counting the number of consumers that make purchases after getting connected to your website by back-links on your social media profile will show you how your social media strategy has helped you earn clients or get potential leads. The primary KPI metric that shows this conversion is the rate of traffic that gets generated from social media links. If the rate is high, then your social media goal of attaining better and more leads and sales will be successful.


New companies with limited recognition should broaden their reach to get their brand and offers well-known by prospective clients. To reach more people, you should check whether your followers are increasing or not. The number of posts and shares may not matter if you have a few followers. As such, your business should strive to get many followers and connect to many social media platforms and groups of different demographics. Some of the metrics to look out for when matching your goals to the social media strategy should include shares, page followers and likes, profile visits, and page views.

Final Thoughts

Analyzing the performance of social media marketing strategies may get complicated if you know little about social media analytics and the tools to use in social media analytics. But you should worry less because experts such as NetBase can provide you with ideal and robust SMA tools, including social media listening, to analyze your social media metrics and determine how well they benefit your business goals.

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