All You Need to Know About Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne, also known as Newcastle, is a city in England. It is located in North East England; Tyne and Wear metropolitan county to be more specific. It is a member of the Core Cities Group of UK. The city was developed around the Newcastle Roman Fort in 1080 by Robert Curthouse. The city developed through wool trade in the 14th century and also became a major coal mining area. The port on the river Tyne was developed in the 16th century. As is the case with almost all the cities of England, Newcastle upon Tyne has its share of fascinating history. The two main icons of the city are its football club and the Tyne Bridge. The Great North Run is a marathon that is hosted by the city. The marathon was started in 1981 and is home to over 57,000 runners every year.

Newcastle is known for its great architecture. It has its share of bridges, modern and historical buildings, a port, football stadium, statues etc. It is also very diverse. The Chinatown district in Newcastle, which has a Chinese arch at its entrance is populated by many Asian cultures, particularly the Chinese. The suburbs in Newcastle also have a historical architecture with a medieval look. Housing development schemes in the city have been plenty over the years and have contributed to its stunning look. Newcastle was also voted as the best city in North England by The Daily Telegraph.

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Historically significant areas such as Quayside and Grainger town and various bridges of Newcastle have been around for quite a while. Being a Northern city, the temperatures in the city are generally low. The green belt of Newcastle is mostly rural with many acts trying to protect the green life. Newcastle played a major role in the industrial revolution, after which a lot of its green area had been wiped out due to industries. The city has since taken up many environmental protection schemes, making it the first carbon neutral town. It has a population of over 293,000. Over 81% of its population comprises of White British people while almost 10% are Asian.

Education has been one of the strong suites of Newcastle upon Tyne as it bears over 20 secondary schools around the city. Even in further education, Newcastle College is the largest general college in North East England. It has also been given Beacon status. The city has two universities, namely, Newcastle University and Northumbria University. Newcastle University is one of England’s leading international universities. The university of Northumbria is also very famous and was voted as the best new University by the Times in 2005.

There are many notable universities in England, one of which is the St. George’s University, located in London. SGU London has been a major leader in medical education for over 250 years and its alumni are scattered all around the world. It has been home to some of the founding fathers of medicine and is one of the best medical universities worldwide. It was formerly called as the University of London, and was later changed to be St. George’s University on St. George’s Day in 2005. It is not a branch or subsidiary of St. George’s University in Grenada. It has a rich history and a very solid reputation.

The University of Northumbria is a fairly new university considering that most international universities in London are quite old and have a very good track record. Northumbria University, being a newer college has already had many breakthroughs in education. The St. George’s University in Grenada has a partnership with Northumbria University in education. The partnership started to provide students with an opportunity to complete a four year or a five year MD program in Medicine. The partnership started in 2007 and has given education to over 1,700 students since then.

The program in NU is the same as in SGU Grenada. But, it offers a degree from both Northumbria University and St. George’s University and the students enrolled in the course are also eligible to get a Diploma in Higher Education. This partnership between these two universities has been very fruitful and has helped many students achieve their desired career. It has also helped Newcastle city to develop better international relations and has improved education.

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