Reason Why Computer Hacking Has Been on the Rise

For most of us, technology has been an element to positively impact our lives. It is even a challenge to remember a time where we didn’t have computers, tablets, and mobile phones. They have upgraded the functionality of our lives in many ways.

With Managed IT Services, there are always some “con’s” that go along with the “pro’s”. Though, it is a fact that the computers we all rely upon every day of our lives are seriously vulnerable. In fact, in 2017 the FBI was bombarded with 300,000 complaints with a financial loss resulting in almost $1.5 billion. That’s right, THAT many computers were hacked and information was illegally retrieved.

How why does this happen?

1, Big business is made on selling intellectual properties and ideas for big profits.

2. Some hackers enjoy the fact that they can shut major organizations down whether it be because of a certain agenda or just because.

3. Competitors can set to go the extra mile and hacking information that will cause them to excel above their competition.

4. Smart and very disgruntled employees can take it upon themselves to get revenge by hacking the system.

5. Expose what’s in secret. Some know shady dealings are going on, but have no way to substantially prove it to leadership. To do so some resort to hacking systems to retrieve information on what is going on.

Over time, hackers have become (and will become) more skilled and professional in their hacking game. It seems that our computers are our lifeblood in business. The biggest lifeblood is the data and information we need to retain. When that is not well protected then businesses and organizations are not truly protected.

This is not to scare you, but you awaken you to the fact that if major companies have experienced this, it can happen to anyone. The cost of those actions tends to be insurmountable in more ways than one!

That is why we have gone to great lengths to create this very informative whiteboard animation, that we like to call “The Seven Layers of Protection”. This will spell out to you how to reduce the risk of your data being stolen and protect the value of your business or organization. Learn about the right keys to keep your system healthy.

If you like what you saw we would love to take it a step further. To create solutions for you that you can trust and not worry about. Feel free to request more information about Managed IT Services Anchorage AK.

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