Steps You Can Take Today to Secure Your Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has become a part of almost everyone’s lives. It makes it extremely convenient to store, share and manage your documents and pictures. One way to protect your data is to use cloud backup services Dallas. Here are some other methods you can use to make sure that your cloud storage is secure.

Set Up Account Recovery

If you forget the login or password to your cloud hosting services, how can you recover your account? Look in your cloud’s settings to find out. You should see your recovery options. You can usually regain access to your account via your email address, phone number, and/or security questions. You should regularly check these settings to ensure that your information is up to date and your security questions are strong. Do not use security questions that are easy for hackers to guess. Think about whether or not someone could answer the questions if they search for public information about you on Google.

Create Solid Passwords

You should use the same principles to establish your cloud account passwords that you do for any other website or app. Most experts recommend that your passwords are at least twelve characters long and include symbols, numbers and a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. Do not use any personal information in your passwords like a name or birthday. A password manager like LastPass will keep an encrypted list of your passwords so that you do not have to remember them. You can also use LastPass to generate effective passwords randomly.

Be Careful When Accessing Your Account From Multiple Devices

Ensure that any phones or computers you use to log in to your cloud storage are secure. You should lock your smartphone with a passcode. Android phones also have a Device Manager that you can use to lock or remotely wipe your phone if it is stolen or lost. If you use your cloud storage on a laptop, make sure you have to enter a password before using it. If you ever use a public computer to get into your cloud storage, make a habit of signing out of your cloud account as soon as you are finished.

Protect Your Account With Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security to your account. In addition to entering a username and password to access your cloud, you will have to enter a code. This code is either displayed by a separate app or, more commonly, it is sent to the phone number on your account. Google has a few more ways that you can set up or receive this code.

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