31 March, 2020

Technologies That Have Revolutionised Forex Trading In Recent Years

Trading on international markets can seem daunting at first as inflation, political stability and speculation can all impact the state of the market and can lead to major fluctuations. But with the implementation of artificial intelligence as well as automated trading platforms, it is now easier than ever to see a significant return on investments when trading online. In this article, we will be looking into some of these technologies and how they have revolutionized the process of trading online.

The Invention Of The Internet

Before the invention of the internet, the ability to trade on the Forex market was limited to the trades floors and over the phone. But with the invention of the internet came a new wave of investors looking to try their hand at international markets from the comfort of their own homes. With investment brokers as well as other automated platforms emerging to aid investors in their financial endeavours, it is the invention of the internet that changed trading as we know it.

The Rise Of Automated Trading

As trading capabilities continued to emerge and platforms continued to develop, automated trading became increasingly popular. This involves the user of deep learning algorithms that allow traders to set rules for both entry and exit trades. When these are programmed, each trade can be completed automatically through a computer or a phone. This has helped to revolutionise trading for the ordinary people as roughly 75% of shares traded on the U.S stock exchange are through automated systems.

This has since led to a vast majority of traders implementing trading strategies to mimic the successes of top traders on these platforms. Community elements such as these as well as the ability to build your own personal profile aids users when monitoring personal investments as well as allowing them access to up to date and relevant trading information this has since become the most efficient way to trade in stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies.  


As automated traded systems such as this continued to gain popularity it is the flexibility that is one of the main benefits. This allowed for those with a full-time job to trade on Forex markets effectively without having to monitor the market at every point in the day. As this form of technology continued to rise, there was a focus on developing these Forex robots to provide a quick trading experience for those using platforms. The development of these technologies has since seen over 10 million people worlds wise using trading applications to succeed at trading as well as businesses looking to automate their overseas trading strategies to see the highest return of investment.

Faster Trading Times

Automated trading systems also helped to revolutionised trading as we know it as it has allowed for a large margin of success as well as investments being processed faster than ever before. With just a click of a button, users can invest as much or as little as you want. This has not only benefitted businesses looking to trade, but it has also helped to appeal to younger audiences as a large majority of individuals trading are fall in the category of generation Z. Online trading such as this allows for increased security as well as the ability to communicate on social feeds to boost the success of a number of trades on forex markets.

The Implementation OF Artificial Intelligence

The final technology that has revolutionised the forex market is the implementation of Ai technologies. With recommendations as well as an increased margin for profit, artificial intelligence has helped to estimate the future of markets. With artificial intelligence implemented within an automated trading strategy, you can receive push notifications and alerts to help you navigate the volatile nature of the Forex market.

This is helpful for those that are new to markets such as this as political uncertainty and ongoing political unrest can have a profound effect on the value of your investments. Therefore, it is advised to monitor the markets closely as well as the news in order to succeed in these marketplaces. Additionally, ai technology such as this can provide up to date investment data to users allowing them to use it to their advantage. This has therefore contributed to increasing the return received from each investment as users are able to invest wisely, using insider trading information delivered to them. This, therefore, helps to create a competitive edge on a number of these markets whilst making it more appealing.  

As the new year begins, there is a new set of technologies set to immerge with the aim to make trading more accessible to the masses. Whether this is the further globalization of fintech technologies or the implementation of more advanced artificial intelligence, this is all set to streamline investment processes for both beginners and experienced traders.

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