The Digital Marketing Concept & the Role of Social Media

Changes in consumer behavior over the last two decades have created a need for businesses to rethink their marketing approach within the digital domains that they operate within. The internet in essence has become an indispensable tool for businesses as it is a part of almost any given consumer decision making process. Statistically the average internet user spends an average of approximately three hours surfing on the internet for varied purposes that range from communication, research, entertainment and information.

Research within this context also means researching products and services and given the fact that surveys reveal that in 2020, e-commerce retail globally surpassed the $4.2 billion benchmark, the highest ever and this figure is expected to continuously rise. It is a fact that selling online is the best way for any business to move ahead and this means injecting the component of digital marketing into your business. So what is digital marketing? Well, to put it simply, digital marketing is basically promoting your business online using digital equipment such as phones, iPads, PCs and such.

Studies about the online marketing phenomenon revealed that in 2020, most small and medium sized business owners had to tilt towards online business platforms in order to survive the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic. Having a website and social media platforms linked to the website are critical elements of digital marketing. Having a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube account linked to your business website will trigger an avalanche of new and potential customers.

Social media platforms play a crucial role within this context as they add validity to your business and improve the consumers’ confidence based on the feedbacks that they find on your social media platforms. Having these ‘digital marketing elements’ lead to a stronger online presence this is only the tip of the iceberg. Engaging a professional search engine optimisation company and associating good content and linking your content to your business sites from other sites will ensure that when a web user who is also a potential customer enters a specific search string associated with your business, your website come up on top, ‘you’re it’. It is as simple as that.

However, the entire scope of digital marketing can be quite intimidating as it not only involves owning social media accounts and having a website, it also involves weaving them together and associating them with other sites that are equally validated by search engines. The entire scope of a digital marketing initiative is usually all about getting your page ranked high by search engines and maintaining this position organically. Yes it is possible just to pay your way through with ads, but the moment you stop paying, your online presence quickly disintegrates.

Hence, the best way to go about digital marketing is to build it holistically and allow it to grow organically which will render your business with a sustained long term online presence. You can also hire an SEO and Digital Marketing company to assist you in these areas. Understanding digital marketing therefore can be said to be the best thing that a business owner may do for his or her business – period!

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