The Importance of XML Sitemaps in SEO

A website is developed with the purpose of getting online attention. These days, people buy things online as it is much easier than visiting outlets physically. For any website to attain success, proper SEO procedures are important. There is no doubt that when you implement the correct SEO processes, the rank of the website climbs within no time. High ranked websites are likely to get more attention than the ones which acquire the lower positions on the rank list.

Hence, if you are a website owner, your eventual goal should be to increase the rank of your website through better SEO processes. If your website is ranked on the first page preferably among the top ranks, it would get a good rate of traffic and the conversion rate would increase as well.

importance of sitemap in SEO

Well, before reaching on first rank, your site should exist on Google. If your site’s sitemaps is not generated and submitted on search engines, how can you achieve the dream of Google #1 rank? Before we jump into details, make sure to use xml-html sitemap generator by

The role of XML sitemaps in improving SEO results

As it is written above, a website gets better traffic if it is ranked on the first page of results. However, to get traffic, a website should be visible to users who are looking for related products and services. When you search for something on the internet, only the websites which have been indexed properly are displayed on the user screen. Here, if a website has an XML sitemap, things get much easier.

The impact of an XML sitemap on indexing and crawling

Consider that you have created a website and you want people to start visiting it. Before people start visiting a website, it should be added to the Google repository. All websites have to be added to the Google database so that people can view them. This process starts with crawling when bots search for new web pages created. If you have created a new website, it would be located by bots. The second part is indexing through which the website is added to search engine records. If your website has not been added to the search engine records, people would not be able to view it.

  • When bots visit a new website, they scan through the layout and structure of the website. An XML sitemap highlights the complete structure of the website to the bots. When bots figure out that the structure of the website has been defined clearly, it is easily added to the set of search engine records.
  • When you talk about getting traffic on the website, it is only possible when your website has been indexed and crawled in a successful manner. Having an XML sitemap would help you in this case. As bots would scan through your website and it would have a clearly defined structure all pages would be added without any difficulty.
  • The other scenario is of websites which do not have a sitemap. This obviously is not as advantageous as the first alternative. When you do not have a sitemap for your website, the bots may skip one of the key pages. An example can be of a page for adding products to cart. If this page has not been indexed, it would be viewed by customers. As a result, when people view the website, they would not view then add to cart page. Some people search for specific web pages in a direct manner. Considering this scenario, if a particular user wants to view the “add to cart” feature of your website, he would search for it directly. As the page would not be indexed, he would not be able to view your link.

XML sitemaps improve conversion progress

Certain pages of the website are more important than the others as they are directly converted to conversions. For instance, consider that you have a particular page for product promotions. If you do not have a proper XML sitemap, this page may be skipped when the bot is scanning the website. Most customers search for the product page of a brand directly because they do not want to check unnecessary links of the website. The absence of an XML sitemap can create various issues including key pages being skipped. If the product promotion page is not indexed, you would lose all customers who would be seeking that page directly. Only the people who would go through the website may procure something.

  • The XML sitemap creates a clear image of the website structure. As a result, all pages get scanned at a faster pace and no page is skipped. If you have a quality XML sitemap, all pages would be crawled and indexed without any mistakes being made.


A good XML sitemap is important if you want your website to be crawled and indexed without any errors. Google bots which scan for new and modified websites find it much easier to scan websites with XML sitemaps. Having a sitemap eliminates the chances of an important web page being skipped.

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