3 Things You Can Sell for Some Quick Cash

Whether it’s to pay monthly bills, pad your savings, or for irregular needs like vacation or holidays, everyone can use some extra cash from time to time. Working a few extra shifts or picking up a side job can help. However, if you need a way to get money quickly, the following are three things you can sell quickly.


Old, unused electronics make great items to sell, no matter their condition. There are always people who can update them, resell them, or donate them to people in need.

You can sell old electronics through a variety of methods, including specialty websites and through social media community pages. However, the easiest way to sell old electronics is through an ecoATM.

You’re likely wondering, What is ecoATM? An ecoATM is a kiosk located in retailers and shopping malls around the country. To use it, you simply let it scan your ID and place your device inside. It will examine the outside condition, and then ask you to plug it in.

After an internal examination, the kiosk will provide you with an offer. If you accept, you scan your fingerprint, leave the device, and take your cash.


If you have unwanted textbooks lying around, there are plenty of options. Websites like Textbookrush buy old textbooks for a decent price, according to the text and its condition.

To determine how much you can make, simply visit the website, put in the textbook’s information, and you’ll get an estimate. If you agree, print off the shipping label, and send the books off.

When received, the company will examine the books. If they are in reasonable conditions, they’ll send you the cash.

Music Equipment

Music equipment is another quick selling item. You can often find willing buyers on social media or through platforms like Craigslist. However, you can also take them to the closest pawn shop. In fairness, you’re likely to get more through a direct sale with a buyer, but a pawn shop can be a great option when you need the cash immediately.

Electronics, books, and music equipment are some great items to resell. However, any time you need quick cash, you can look around your home and find something to sell for a quick payday.

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