Top 10 Cheap Drones to Gift to Your Friend or Partner

Buying a gift for a tech geek is as difficult as fitting an elephant in a refrigerator but not anymore. We suggest you to give your tech geek friend a full featured Drone so he can explore the aerials of the whole town. It is not how it’s sounding, you must be thinking that a drone would be an expensive gift to afford. Stop right there as we have shortlisted the cheapest and affordable drone for you to gift to your friend or partner, and that too, fully equipped with great handsome features and shape. Let’s dive into the list and select one of the best for you.  The 10 cheapest drones for photography and video shots are as follows.

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1. DJI Mavic Air

DJI Mavic is the core choice of all videographers who prefer a high quality 4k video ratio with amazing graphics and 12-meg stills. With a battery life of 21 Mins and a Wi-Fi range of 80 meters, DJI Mavic Air provides the holder with a visionary video that excels all the aspects of a great video shoot. If used with the right techniques and tricks, the DJI Mavic Air can deliver a footage that would take you to high places. 

2. DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

DJI is everywhere when you search for the affordable and high quality camera drones. Just as the name suggests, the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom allows a 2x Optic Zoom on 4K Videos and the quality is as lush as you would have wanted. But as much as the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom is great for video shoots, it is not as great for capturing stills from aerial angles as it delivers a slightly low quality. But considering the affordability factor, it goes with your pocket well.

3. DroneX Pro

The DroneX Pro by Hyper Sis Ltd is surely a great affordable option with packed features that never fail to impress. With an HD on board camera of 2 megapixels and a good battery life, DroneX Pro shoots a 720p footage with decent graphics. Whether it’s a professional shoot or a group selfie image, the DroneX Pro delivers outstanding results with its unique design and flying range. Along with all the great features, it is portable too and what good could be added when we say that it is the most affordable option to gift to a friend. For an elaborated description, go through the detailed DroneX Pro Review by Revistarai Magazine.

4. Parrot ANAFI

Another affordable and good quality camera drone for you to consider is the Parrot ANAFI that comes with a 25 min battery life and a range of around 4 miles. It delivers a great 4K video with highest quality and great pixels with an allowance of 21-meg stills. The Parrot ANAFI is sure cheap but it lacks in a few places like charging efficiency and obstacle avoidance. But considering the videography capacity, it could be a one big hit for your friend. 

5. DJI Spark

To play a safer game, DJI Spark has the features that never fail to impress but are comparatively low in efficiency that others. DJI Spark is a good option for beginners who prefer 1080p shots with great aerial selfies and collectible photos. It has a great flying speed and is very portable to carry around. Any beginner in the field can surely afford it and it can top the list of camera drones when it comes to choosing one among all to gift to someone.

6. Parrot Bebop 2 FPV Pack

Another full featured camera drone for beginners who are keen on learning and exploring the concepts. A great tool to practice on and surely a great gift to present to someone. With a battery life of 25 minutes and a range of 2 miles, the Parrot Bebop FPV Pack shoots a 1080p footage with its 14 megapixels camera. It is comparatively cheaper because it has a low flying range and limits the conceptions of the holder. 

7. Zerotech Dobby

Another one on our list is the most affordable selfie camera drone that shoots the best images from aerial angles. It does provide the 4k cropped video quality but fails at graphics a tad bit. With a battery life of 9 mins and a range of 100 meters, it captures decent images and adds a good value to your videos with great shots. Also, it does struggles to fly in breezy air, but delivers a footage that’s quite decent for beginners.

8. DJI Inspire 2

A comparatively great option that is a Go-To choice for all professional cinematographers. With a battery life of 27 mins and a range of around 4 miles, the DJI Inspire 2 delivers the amazing 5.2K footage with a 24 megapixels camera. Its pros are that it has a sensational camera system and a dual controller option. Slight cons are that it is quite heavy to be portable in traveling and is expensive but definitely a pro-choice. 

9. Parrot Mambo FPV

An indoor camera drone that is a great toy for beginner tech geeks. The Parrot Mambo FPV is the most affordable and cheap drone to buy and to gift it to a friend. With a battery life of 6 minutes and a range of around 60 meters, the Parrot Mambo FPV drone captures a 720p video and decent selfie images as well. The cons definitely include short flight times and minimal battery timings but it surely is a great option to choose for beginners who cannot jump to the pro drones at once. 

10. Ryze Tello

One of the best and cheap drone camera around the market is Ryze Tello. The price doesn’t do any justice to the features because in whole, the camera capacity, the flying range and battery combined delivers great 720p footage with a 5 megapixels camera. It is a steady flier and that makes it a tad bit lower in efficiency than other options but the capability of being programmed by the user covers all the cons. With decent features and great deliverance, Ryze Tello is winning hearts. 

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