Top 3 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Many people begin an investment career in real estate because it can be one of the best places to start.   Marketing strategies play a large role in an investing career considering the real estate industry allocates 56 percent of its spending on advertising. A multitude of advertising strategies exist, but three of the top marketing ideas are direct mail, bandit signs, and social media.

Direct Mail

The direct mail marketing idea utilizes real estate mailers such as brochures, newsletters, and postcards to generate more leads.   Direct mail is most successful when the target audiences are identified and sent customized content. Expect a 0.5 to 2 percent average rate of return on direct mail marketing.

Bandit Signs

Small billboards, known as bandit signs, that offer a brief business advertisement such as a service and a phone number, can help generate leads.   As with direct mail marketing, identifying the target audience is imperative to a successful campaign in part because it helps determine where to place the bandit sign and how to word the service description. In fact, 2 to 10 percent of all lead generation can be attributed to bandit signs.

Social Media

Marketing through social media is a common practice among real estate investors. Approximately 91 percent of real estate investors reporting the use of the idea.   Connecting with leads, building relationships, promoting engagement, and sharing content on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook is social media marketing.   On these platforms, people and businesses in the same industry can be connected in order to share content, advice, properties, and opinions.

Choosing an investment career in real estate can be a fruitful endeavor.   Devoting enough spending to advertising can help generate potential leads and focusing on top marketing ideas such as direct mail, bandit signs, and social media can be part of a successful strategy.

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