Top best punctuation checker tools online

A written piece may have perfect grammar, but there are also the chances of terrible punctuation mistakes which should be avoided.


Punctuation mistakes refer to improper use of commas, full stop or other marks. There are a number of many alternative tools available online which can be used in order to avoid these mistakes.

  • Grammarly

The role of Grammarly in preventing punctuation mistakes cannot be denied because Grammarly is being used by the professional people throughout the world. Grammarly is one of the best online tools used for not only a single purpose but for more than one. 

Grammarly can be used on any platform or browsers like chrome and Firefox etc. 

This tool works following the strategies of Artificial intelligence which is why it is the most intelligent working platform. Below is mention many grammarly alternative tools you can read from here too.

  • PaperRater

You can also use PaperRater tool in order to get advantageous with your writing. This is easy to use, you only have to copy your text from wherever you want and directly paste it on the platform. A complete file can also be uploaded into the editor. 

Once you paste your text and click on the button named “get report”, it will highlight your made mistakes including grammar, spelling and punctuation etc.

  • Language Tool

This is one of the grammar and punctuation checker’s tools. Although is not that recognized yet, but it is highly considerable tool which is open source and serves errors free writing. This is available for all the platform and browsers like chrome, Firefox, Google doc add-on etc. 

The mesmerizing feature is that it has the option to check grammar in more than 30 languages.

  • ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is one of the noticeable tools in the market. It also tries to solve the punctuation’s mistakes and also that of grammar. The only thing about this software is that you need to purchase it in order to best utilize it, but anyhow this is worth testing software and will help you in problems where others tools fails to solve.

  • Ginger

Ginger also help you in grammar and in punctuation making mistakes, especially for the people whose second language is English and are sick of making lot of different types of mistakes, Ginger could be the best option for them in order to get rid of all those mistakes and to master their writing skills.

Ginger will make your writing acceptable and promoted for your business, Ginger comes in three different categories: free, basic and premium. The first one is free for sure. The second one will cost you $5 per month and the premium version costs $90 for life. The one secret behind its popularity is that it integrates with Ms Word. Ginger supports both the British and American English.

  • Online correction

Online correction is software, as the name indicates that it is a tool which helps us to avoid punctuation and other kinds of mistakes in writing.

Online correction has an autocorrect option or feature which detects all the relevant mistakes and will be shown on a separate page. This tool supports British, American and Australian English.


To shorten the whole matter let tell that if you are looking for tools which may help you in completely avoiding or at least minimizing punctuations’, then you must try one of the given tools. It depends on your requirements and resources as to which one should be used.

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