The Top 9 Tech Writing Tools And Software

It’s not a secret that tech writing is a difficult task. You need to understand your topic ideally. Know how to explain this information to non-experts. There are a lot of rules, which you should follow to gain success in this sphere. For example, you have to use simple English or write short and easy to understand phrases. Only in this instance, you will be able to create a high-quality tech article.

So, it’s impossible to write professional tech articles without any experience. However, there are a lot of online services, which can make the writing process easier. All of them are especially useful for non-professional authors. If you are one of these writers, you are almost obliged to read this article as soon as possible. We asked a highly qualified team of professional essay writers from to share their experience in using writing tools and software.


Grammarly is one of the most popular services among professional tech writers nowadays. It’s a special website, which checks your grammar, proofreads texts and edits your mistakes. It’s useful if you are not attentive enough. Moreover, this service is absolutely free of charge. Grammarly developers have also added a great new feature – tone detector. This feature checks the tone of your article. You can be sure that your reader will understand your text properly. If you need to avoid difficult tech concepts and use easy to understand terms, you have to get this feature. You will get an opportunity to understand whether your text is too formal, friendly or optimistic. So, Grammarly is a real “must-have” right now.

Microsoft Word

Of course, everybody uses Microsoft Word. However, even professional writers usually use only the most basic features of this great software. They just write texts and use automatic spell checkers. However, Microsoft Word can provide significantly more interesting features. For example, you can create tables to explain important info to your readers on discourse or track changes when you cooperate with other authors. There are a lot of styles, fonts and other features that you can use to make text formatting better.


There is also a common problem of tech writers from all over the world. How to stay focused and continue working? You get a lot of messages and notifications. How to ignore them to increase your productivity? StayFocusd can solve this problem. This service can block any website to eliminate all distractions. In fact, you can block these websites forever or for a particular period of time. StayFocusd is free and you can even load a mobile application. Don’t lose this chance to solve your problems faster and save a lot of free time.


What is the biggest mistake of writers? Some of them forget about plagiarism checks. Copyright infringement is prohibited. So, you are almost obliged to make sure that your tech article is unique. Copyscape is a reliable and professional service to check plagiarism.


In some cases, it’s better to create a high-quality presentation instead of a complicated article. You can use Prezi for this purpose. There are dozens of different templates, which you can use to explain your point of view easier. Prezi is more comfortable, stylish and interesting than traditional PowerPoint. You should definitely consider this service more precisely.

Google Docs

It’s impossible to write tech articles with other people without Google Docs. This website helps to communicate with other authors, exchange ideas, leave comments and so on. In addition, the mobile version of this version is comfortable as well. You can write tech texts not only at home.

Adobe Photoshop

If you want to create a professional tech article, Adobe Photoshop can be useful. Use this software to create infographics or eye-catching pictures. It will help to make other people interested in your article.


If you realize that Photoshop is too difficult, you can take ordinary screenshots. For example, if you need to write step-by-step instructions, LightShot can make the writing process easier. There is no need to explain difficult processes. Just show how to do this.

Adobe RoboHelp

Now, when you have already written a tech article, you need to publish it. RoboHelp is an ideal service for this purpose. It helps to render your projects across different formats. Adobe RoboHelp can simplify your writing process.

Therefore, take into account our useful pieces of advice. These services can increase your productivity and make your final products better. Don’t lose this chance.

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