5 Ultimate Google Play Store Alternatives

Are you one of Google play store users?

Google playstore is the mostly used app store among almost all the android device users. It contains a number of games and applications in various categories, both in paid and free formats. Most of us use the free applications as we are not sure about the paid applications thinking whether the money we spend will be useful or not; whether we will like the acquired app or not. So what if you get a chance to get those paid applications free of cost? Also this is the best chance for those who are bored with Google play store. The way is “alternative app stores”. There are many alternative app stores or third party app stores you can use instead of your official app store. Some of them are mentioned below.

google play store alternativesKeep in mind

Before downloading these applications, there are some special things to keep in mind. These applications are not legal as they include links to download paid applications for free. Basically it’s called piracy and it is a crime. So it’s important to use them only for educational purposes. There can be related harmful effects and no one is going to take the responsibility for those troubles. Payments we do while purchasing applications is the main income path of app developers and they do create barriers to download their creations for free. So, care should be taken while using all the applications mentioned below. However those are the best ways for you to experience paid applications without going through any payment.

In order to install any application mentioned, just go to the security settings of your device and make “downloading from unknown sources” enable. Then only you will be able to get below apps into your device.  

  1. Blackmart
  2. 1Mobile market
  3. Mobogenie market
  4. GetAPK
  5. ACMarket


1.Blackmart apk

Blackmart is the mostly used alternative for Google playstore. Having a large number of free android applications and games it’s also called the king of android market. If you are an android user who is eager to get latest paid applications for free, Blackmart is the best app for you. Being a user friendly application it includes a number of a games and apps in various categories allowing the user to experience a highly customized store. It even allows you to sort apps as you wish. Such as, “paid”, “Just paid”, or by rating or any other category. You won’t be able to find it on Google playstore. So use the link below and get Blackmart appstore now.

2.1Mobile market

Mobile market is another beautiful creation with a range of games and applications. Latest applications are added into the store regularly allowing some applications to download in paid version also. Google playstore also has a version of 1Mobile market with include limited access sections which redirect the user to get the application from Google pay. Other than this version, there is another secret mode of the same app as the lite version. All the limitations of normal application will fade away in this. All the paid applications will be easily downloaded for free. It has become very attractive with the attractive interface design. To experience it, download 1Mobile market now.


Being similar to 1Mobile market, this app also appears in two versions, a lite version and a pro version in google  playstore. Even Though the version in Google store was removed due to some policy violation matters, this can be easily downloaded from the Mobogenie website through the link below. Other that paid applications, it can grant access to other stuff like e- books,  music, movies, you tube videos, file managers, junk cleaners, without a cost at all. Being simply an all in one package it also gives you a creatively designed weather notification bar also. APK Folder is one of the best sites where you can download Android apps for free.

4.GetApk Market

This is another mostly used way to get paid applications for free. But the only thing is, you should know how to use it. It’s a coded application which is not much user friendly as most of the android users are unaware of coding method. However it is used by a number of people worldwide as it has almost all the versions of the applications it has in the store. So if you are not satisfied with the latest version of a particular application, you only need to try its older versions. Downloading this application is also bit complex.  Number of people uploads its downloadable version and they add updates as soon as they are released. So use your knowledge of coding and try experiencing latest applications yourself.

Simply follow the given procedure to download applications using GetApk

  • Select the application and go to its page
  • Read the given descriptions
  • If you need that application, click on the GET button
  • Then you will be directed to a white page which is an in-app browser
  • As it doesn’t work normally. Open the browser button in top right corner of the page
  • You will see an advertisement there which you need to skip
  • Then you will see a link to download the application
  • Now you will get it!

5.ACMarket APK

ACMarket – acmarket.download is one of the common applications among android users worldwide. Even though most of the people use Google playstore, it does not work with cracked or patched applications like ACMarket apk does. It allows you to download any application for free with an excellent download speed which cannot be seen in any other playstore. Even though it contains a variety of applications, it is very well arranged with its clean design. Also you won’t be able to get any annoying advertisements while using this app. Most applications like this contain hidden payment methods which direct the user to pay an amount unknowingly. But ACMarket apk serves its user very well by not containing any hidden payment methods. This can be called as a secured application when compared with other app stores. So just click on the link given below to get ACMarket apk in your android device and enjoy unlimited latest games and applications free of charge. 

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