How To Use Instagram To Market Your Blog?

Are you a hardworking blogger? Still, have a limited audience on your Instagram blogging page? Don’t worry; there’s always a start of everything. We all have to face this phase. No one is born successful. We all have to learn. 

‘’You May Not Born With Success, But You Were Born To Succeed”  Here are some guidelines to promote your blogging page.   

  • Adding a bio:

add bio in instagram

 Adding a bio to your page is introducing yourself to the audience. If you wouldn’t add the bio, how will the audience come to know who you are and what you can do?? 

 You can add more in the bio the more you can do! 

  • Providing quality content:

quality content for instagram

Quality content is the actual need of your page!  

You have to provide as much quality content as you can. Here the question comes that what is the quality content? Quality content includes providing beautiful, focused photos with perfect lighting setup.  

Proper editing of your photos brings the more chance of success. Good editing includes the choice of filters, brightness level, sharpness, and many more. 

  • Caption Relevancy:

Adding a relevant caption to your photo can bring more chances to attract the audience towards your page. 

 It also sometimes gives good aesthetic vibes! 

You have to as shrink with the caption as you can 

because it would be so dull for the audience to read such a long caption. 

  • Using Hashtags:

Use of hashtags is nowadays necessary to market your blogging page. If you add relevant hashtags according to your picture, then your image will automatically pop up to the Search Hashtags option. 

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  • Consistent Posting:

If you are not consistent on the page, then any of the tips will not work. Giving time to your page is necessary to get attention from the audience. 

  • Adding Stories:

          Here the question comes that which kind of stories do you have to add? 

    1. The Screen-capturing blog post is addressing your current followers towards your new blog post. It is essential to hookup your current followers to your page. Most people watch Instagram stories daily; it’s the fact; this is how your recent followers will come to know about the new post. 
    2. Fun-full stories can work as a useful agent for your page. As many people love to see fun, this is an extra tip if you want to show the actual you to the audience or not; it’s all up to you! 
  • Contacting other Bloggers and Influencers:

You can contact other successful Bloggers and Influencers who are willing positively. 

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  • Creativity level:

You have to be 100% creative with the content you are going to post on your page. As most say: 

Try new things!! 

Try something new!! 

Try something different!! 

It can only be possible if you give the required time to your Instagram handle. 

Giving the required time doesn’t mean wasting it. Doing several unique and creative things that can be inspiring for the audience. 

I hope this article helped you find the query How To Use Instagram To Market your Blog. Good luck with your blogging page.

Hey guys, I am Aman Singh Bhadouriya. I'm a student of Btech 3rd year and a part-time Blogger who loves writing about Technology and Digital Marketing. I have created Ezad Tech to share my knowledge with others.

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