Using An Online Tool to Add Page Numbers to a PDF File

Sometimes we fail to notice one of the most important elements of a PDF. Yes, I’m talking about PDF page numbers. For example, when we are converting a Word document into PDF, we often forget to include the page numbers in it. This is especially true when you have a PDF with too many pages.

It’s crucial to add page numbers on a PDF because they make it easier for you to navigate the document and search for particular parts within it. Plus, it’s more neat, presentable, and professional to have page numbers in your PDF.

Now, if you need to put page numbers on your PDF, there’s a web-based software that you can use to do the task with convenience. The PDFBear tool is among the best online PDF editors right now because of the advantages it provides to users. If you want to use this online tool, here’s an article to guide you on how to add page numbers to your PDF using PDFBear.

Advantages of Using This Online Tool

PDFBear is online software that can be used by anyone on any gadget and operating system. So long as you’re connected to the internet, you can access this amazing online tool to add page numbers to PDF files.

You won’t need to install any software, plug-in, extension, or app. Even with your smartphone, you can add page numbers to your PDF using PDFBear. It’s no hassle to use, and you can use it wherever you go.

There are also free credits that allow you to use this online tool without signing up or spending a dime. Indeed, PDFBear is among the best tools today that you can access for free. also ensures optimum security because it’s protected by SSL encryption. There’s no need to worry about hackers stealing your documents when they’re uploaded on the site. This extra layer of protection suffices to make you trust with your PDF files.

Steps to Adding Page Numbers to Your PDF Using PDFBear

After reading the advantages of using the PDFBear tool, you surely want to try how this web-based software works. Of course, we’re here to guide you. You only need to follow these steps for you to learn how you can add page numbers to your PDF using this online tool.

  1. Launch your preferred website browser and navigate to When you’re already on the homepage, locate the Number Pages tool among the set of tools and then hit click.
  2. Now it’s time to upload your chosen PDF on the site. Typically, it will just take a matter of seconds to upload a file on it. But, if you have a slow internet connection, it will take some time.
  3. There are different spots where you can put the page number on your PDF page. Just choose from the bottom-right, bottom-left, bottom-middle, upper-right, upper-left, or upper-middle. Once you’ve chosen the spot that you want, click the “Number Pages” on the screen. Then, wait for the changes to take place.
  4. Once your PDF has its page numbers, you can now save the newly edited file on your device. You can also upload it on your Dropbox account or share the link of the file from Anyone who has the link can view the document online and download it. There’s also the option to share the file through email. Has Other Tools for You

Aside from the Number Pages tool, has a plethora of online tools that you can use on its website. It has a variety of conversion tools that can convert PDF to Word, Excel to PDF, PDF to PPT, JPG to PDF, etc.

There are also Merge PDF, Split PDF, Repair PDF, Compress PDF, Protect PDF, Rotate PDF, and Delete PDF Pages tools. Indeed, is a one-stop resource if you need tools that can convert, edit, secure, and enhance PDF files.


Now you know how to add page numbers to your PDF using PDFBear’s Number Pages tool. This web-based software is free, convenient to use, and secure. Note this guide if you want to know how to add page numbers to your Portable Document Format.

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