6 Values and Qualities Every Non-Profit Should Have

A non-profit organization can be a solution to a community’s needs in times of crisis. A non-profit will provide helpful services, insight, knowledge, and expertise to those who depend on the company. Most of the benefits offered by the country’s best non-profits occur because of capable, dedicated, and motivated employees. There are values every non-profit should be sure to address. Before you reach out to Portland PR firms, make sure your organization is covering its bases by sticking to these important core values.

Dedication and commitment

When the work hours get longer and the clients get tougher to work with, wouldn’t you rather be an organization filled with dedicated employees? Setbacks, financial dilemmas, and the changing world will influence how a non-profit functions. But a non-profit that’s not prepared to do the work can’t be promoted or worked with, no matter what help the PR firm offers.  You could be working at a mental health organization helping people feel better. But if your staff members don’t understand what it takes to help people, none of the research and insight offered by Portland PR firms will make a difference. Likewise, you might be in charge of a public charity looking to give back to the community. But if your staff aren’t willing to show up on bad weather days, who can help your clients when they’re hungry, unsheltered, and barely surviving? Dedication and commitment remain two of the most important values a nonprofit can hold.

Integrity and professionalism

There are plenty of opportunities for dishonest business owners to take advantage of clients and make an extra dollar. But the most respected nonprofit organizations will display integrity and professionalism, especially when making decisions, moving money, and communicating with the public. Professionalism means doing the work while maintaining the right attitude, adhering to the right beliefs, and behaving in a way that represents pride within and a strong work ethic all-around. Lying, cheating, or defrauding others to achieve your organization’s goals is the best way to make your nonprofit look bad. The job-hunting website Indeed lists loyalty, work ethic, and honesty as three common qualities employers want. If you add integrity and professionalism to the list, you can see why clients and those who donate will approve of your non-profit’s messaging.

Empathy and compassion

Do you care about your clients enough to want to stick through the hardships of managing and working with a non-profit organization? Companies like yours will compete for funding and exposure by working with Portland PR firms. But none of that can happen unless you put yourself in your client’s position and imagine what their life would be like with or without your services. Compassion shows clients and those who donate to your non-profit that the people matter as much as the work.

What’s that mean? For one, understanding the people connected to your organization will help you better address their needs. A nonprofit that’s sincere and compassionate can gain a great deal from PR firms looking to help make a difference. All you have to remember is that compassion and empathy are different. Empathy refers to your ability to feel others’ suffering. Compassion indicates your desire to do something about it.

Nonprofit PR Portland; It doesn’t matter what kind of nonprofit you’re running, Portland PR firms can help you gain more exposure and learn more about the data that keeps your client base growing. Nonprofits are some of the best places to work because the employees and the organization will express positive values. They’ll possess positive qualities and find new ways of helping others, all so that the world can be a better place. A dedicated, committed, honest organization can perform better if its employees are empathetic and compassionate. As a non-profit business owner, by trusting in the values you already do have, you’ll be in a much better position to help your clients, and more likely to continue your existence in the years to come.

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