Where can You Find a Free Phone? Understanding Lifeline Program

Through the Federal Communications Commission, the government started the Federal Lifeline Assistance Program in the 1980s to help low-income Americans access inexpensive mobile services and free cell phones. If you qualify, this service allows you to enjoy subsidized cell phone Oklahoma, as well as internet services, calls, and texts. Here is a guide on how to qualify for the program and get your phone or start enjoying subsidized subscriptions.

Who Qualifies for a Free Phone?

The qualification criteria for owning a free phone in the state depends on your income level and whether you’re a participant in any government aid programs.


The program targets low-earning citizens. As a result, you may qualify if you earn a maximum of or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The condition considers the earnings of everyone in your household, including taxable and non-taxable incomes.
Again, it reflects the whole household, meaning more members in your home may benefit your rate.

Government Aid Programs

Being a participant in any government benefits program can directly qualify you for the service, regardless of whether it’s you or a member of your household. These include:

  • Food Stamp (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Federal Housing Assistance
  • Supplementary Security Income, etc.

How to Benefit from The Program


First, you must qualify for the service. Check with your state to ascertain if you meet all the specifications and start your application. This may require that you provide documentation to prove your identity, income level, and participation in the government assistance programs.

Pick Your Preferred Internet or Phone Company

After verification, you’ll get 90 days to select a service provider and register an account with them. Similarly, you can check with your current service provider if they can incorporate the program into your existing service.

Start Using the Service

You can start using your subscription after signing up. The program pays up to $9.25 towards your monthly subscription. However, if your cell phone bill is below $9.25, then you’ll be able to enjoy free services.

While Lifeline is a saver, it has its terms of use that you should be aware of. For instance, each household is allowed to own only a single Lifeline cell phone. Similarly, you can’t transfer your service to anyone, and using false information when filling out your application can attract legal action.

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