Why Leaf Blower are Best for your home and Gardens?

There are some good reasons to use a leaf blower. They are faster, easier, and require less effort than raking does. Unfortunately, most leaf blowers are used improperly from the get-go.

For example, instead of using a leaf blower to clear an entire lawn of leaves, a leaf blower should be used primarily for the purpose of blowing leaves from around closely placed ornamental plants where raking is awkward. That is the strength of a leaf blower!

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Leaf blowers also are great for blowing grass clippings off your sidewalks and driveway and back into your lawn. Sending freshly cut grass clippings back into your lawn is actually good for your lawn.

Before you send your bagged leaves off to the trash, consider the fact that leaves can be turned into compost (a.k.a. black gold for your garden). Composting leaves takes as little effort as setting up a chicken-wire cage to contain them while Mother Nature does all the work.

All I do is pile them into one corner of my yard out of sight by some bushes where the wind can’t reach them. By the next year, they’ve reduced to a fraction of their original size. When I need some compost, I simply dig down to the bottom of the pile.

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I might remember to turn the pile over once a year, but probably not. They’ll compost down, regardless. Personally, I think removing leaves from your lawn is a bad plan altogether. Mother Nature deposits them there for a purpose: to feed and nourish your lawn. That’s right, mulching leaves into your lawn is the same as feeding your lawn. This results in a greener, brighter lawn the following summer.

To assist Mother Nature by getting the leaves & grass clippings into small enough pieces to be quickly digested by your grass, here’s what I do…

Toward the end of fall (well before that first snowfall), I break out my electric lawn mower. Then, I clip on the mulching attachment which basically covers the discharge opening on the side of the mower. With the front wheels set so the front of the mower is quite a bit higher than the rear, I mow the grass — scooping in the layer of leaves on the lawn as I go.

Over a period of a couple weeks, I will mow the lawn twice this way. I do it not so much because the grass has grown, but to chew up the leaves a second time. Then in the spring (as soon as the snow melts), I lower the front wheels on the mower and mow the lawn again — probably before the grass really needs it.

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