Here’s Why AI Needs Software Testing And Quality Assurance Monitoring

From smart phones to smart devices, Artificial Intelligence has been revolutionizing the scenario in every walk of our lives. However, we have also come across instances, when the leaders in the world of robotics and AI had asked for bans on certain AI powered devices. While AI is closely involved with our daily lives, a tiny glitch in its functioning can often present us with problems as serious as life-risks. So, what is required to ensure an error-free running of each of these programs and devices? A well-thought out plan for software testing and quality assurance.

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How can AI be faulty?

Before we establish the reasons why testing and quality assurance will help in the smooth functioning of AI-powered apps and devices, it is important to get a clear view about the areas and instances, where AI could malfunction. Let’s take a look here:


  • The Data Input


The desired output from any app or device depends principally on the data we feed into it. No matter what is the kind of device or product using artificial intelligence to work, the type of data and the source providing that data to the app/device is of utmost importance. The entire system that depends on this AI-generated information, can crash, in case there is a slight bug or fault or leakage within that data. Know the Scope of Software Testing

How can Software Testing and Quality Assurance help?

In order to ascertain that the erroneous data does not affect the quality of the application, in terms of its accuracy, testing and quality assurance monitoring is quite vital. Testing of the application or software and assuring that it is of top-notch quality which is prone to the most minimal chances of errors needs to be executed, by closely scrutinizing the data input as well as the source of the data.

For instance, let us take the example of facial recognition feature in a device or application. The model needs to be trained accurately in terms of emotional connect of individuals. There might be a certain bias for genders, races or skin colours, which would not result in a welcome output for some individuals, resulting in inaccuracy.

Thus, software testing and quality assurance in AI is essential to supervise and correct the data that is used to train. This supervision needs to be done keeping in mind the vision, purpose, values and ethics of the organization that develops the product.


  • The Stability in Terms Of Compliance   


There are several protocols, sources of information, system configurations and data points to which compliance is necessary for the AI-driven application to provide constant, accurate outputs.   

How can Software Testing and Quality Assurance help?

It is only through rigorous software testing in AI and following a proper quality assurance plan, that compliance to all these processes is possible. Again, the application cannot be expected to work amidst exactly same conditions in environment and settings. So, it has to be tested accordingly, to make sure that it provides optimum results in an array of environmental conditions and business situations.  

For example, an AI system of a certain organization can be trained at a certain geographical location to provide weather report according to the conditions of that place. However, if the company later expands to a location with completely different atmospheric conditions, the system can no longer be useful to detect variations in weather or upcoming calamities in that particular location.

Continuous and exhaustive testing and quality assurance can affirm, that the AI-powered device would continue to work accurately across any geographical environment as well as business scenario.

  • The Data Security

With several incidents of data leakage and fraudulent activities in the recent past, cyber-security has become a thing of major concern. Security issues related to smart devices, apps as well as AI systems have been quite prevalent in the recent times. Therefore, almost every organization today, is seriously working towards making their systems and products stringently secured.

How can Software Testing and Quality Assurance help?

In order to counter the attempts of data theft by hackers throughout the world, security testing of AI systems need to be carried out meticulously. Appropriate amounts of testing followed by assurance of proper quality, would ensure that the data remains unaffected and is properly safeguarded.

Thus, software testing and QA are necessary steps to validate the quality and accuracy of any device, application or system powered by Artificial Intelligence.    

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